Board Stacking Connector Feeder speeds SMT part placement. .

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Surf-Shooter SMT loose-piece board stacking connector feeder mounts to feeder bay of flexible placement system and presents SMT components at feed rates greater than 3 pins/sec. Self-contained unit is less than 4 in. wide. Operating on 110 Vac 60 cycle, with 220 Vac 50 cycle optional, system places self-centering board stacking connectors which offer co-planarity within 0.001 in. and use capillary action to optimize strength of solder joints.

Original Press Release:

Surf-Shooter SMT Automates Board Stacking Connector Assembly

SMT placement rates greater than 3 connectors/second

Zierick Manufacturing Corporation introduces a new addition to its Surf-Shooter SMT product line. The new loose piece board stacking connector feeder is designed to mount to a flexible placement system (flex cell) and present the SMT components at feed rates greater than 3 pins/second. The Surf-Shooter SMT line has been successfully integrated into most flex cell placement systems, including Siemens, Universal, Mydata and Europlacer.

The unit is compact, less than 4" wide, and mounts to the placement system feeder bay. The feeder itself is a self-contained unit, Standard Voltage 110VAC 60 Cycle, Optional 220 VAC 50 Cycle. It typically requires no electronic control interface with the placement machine.

The Board Stacking Connectors are self-centering and offer co-planarity within 0.001", eliminating alignment problems. They use minimal real estate, allowing additional components to be placed on the PCB and providing design flexibility. For a more reliable connection, the Board Stacking Connectors use capillary action, which provides stronger solder joints.

To learn more, please use our email form, call us at 800-882-8020 (in New York, 914-666-2911) or write Zierick Manufacturing Corporation, Radio Circle, Mt. Kisco, New York 10549, fax 914-666-0216.

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