Beswick Miniature Pinch Valves Are Now Available for 1/8” OD and ¼” OD Tubing

Beswick miniature pinch valves are now available for
1/8” OD and ¼” OD tubing. The PV series miniature pinch valve is designed to
control fluid when it is advantageous to avoid fluid contact with mechanical
components and elastomeric seals. Pinch valves achieve fluid control by
clamping down on the outside diameter of the tubing in order to limit or
stop flow. The PV has a port for pneumatic actuation as well as a manual
knurled knob for extra flexibility. Take a look at the pinch valve video
<> to learn more
about the benefits in using these valves.

Please call 603-433-1188 or e-mail> for assistance. Our team of Application
Engineers is ready to assist you throughout the specification process.

Thank you for your continued interest in Beswick products.

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