Benchtop Cold Plate utilizes thermoelectric technology.

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Featuring 11.2 x 15.1 in. footprint, Model AHP1200CPV has machined aluminum cold plate surface measuring 5.8 x 13.3 in. At 25°C ambient, cold plate surface is controllable from -15 to +90°C, and options can extend that range to below -45°C and above +90°C. Providing precise adjustment of surface temperature within ±0.1°C, integral PID temperature control includes remote sensing and RS-232 communications as well as temperature cycling, ramping, and soaking programs.

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Benchtop Cold Plates Have Wide Temperature Ranges & Versatile Options

CHICAGO - High-performance bench-top cold plates, with many expansion options, have been announced by Thermoelectric Cooling America Corporation (TECA). The designs are based on thermoelectric technology to cool or heat a surface plate and are intended for laboratory, quality control and electrical component tests and research applications. Biomedical applications include pain research, tissue dissection, histology, cold/hot dry wells and sample cooling.

The precision machined aluminum cold plate surface measures 5.8 x 13.3" overall. With a footprint of just 11.2 x 15.1", the AHP1200CPV takes up a minimum of valuable laboratory bench space. In a 25°C ambient, the cold plate surface is controllable from -15°C to +90°C. Options can extend that range to below -45°C and above +90°C.

The cold plate includes an integral PID temperature control with remote sensing, precise adjustment of surface temperature within ±0.1°C, temperature cycling, ramping and soaking programs, RS-232 communications; and software for use right out of the box. For quiet operation, a variable speed fan is standard. The unit is maintenance free with no compressors, fluorocarbons or filters.

Versatile Design Adapts to Individual User Needs

The AHP1200CPV Cold Plate is a highly versatile instrument, easily enhanced by a wide range of accessories. Temperatures below -45°C can be reached with the Low Temperature Cascade version and cascade options which form a complete system. One of three cascades can be selected to meet needs. In addition to the capability to cool to low temperatures, heating is standard to above 90°C. Optional closed-cell polyethylene insulation and Clear Hinged or Non-Hinged Covers help maximize performance. For special applications, Accessory Plates can be customized and clamped to the cold plate. Pyrex® (Borosilicate) Substrates are used to protect the plate surface from sharp instruments. A Cold Well can be secured for 1000 ml round Boston bottles. For life science applications, Subject Barriers are available, as are Tube Chiller plates for non-contaminating fluid cooling. These accessories can be added at any time.

The AHP-301CPV Cold Plate is a smaller version. A dual cold plate version, model AHP-1200DCP, is available for temperature preference tests and is also practical for quality control tests and various temperature differential testing. All versions include RS-232, charting, data acquisition and multi segment ramp and soak programming software, 3-wire RTD sensors, quiet fan operation and 100-240VAC, 50/60 input.

For additional information, contact: Thermoelectric Cooling America Corporation, 4048 West Schubert, Chicago, IL 60639. Phone: 888-832-2872 or 773-342-4900; Fax: 773-342-0191. Email:; Web:

About TECA

TECA manufactures the industry's broadest line of thermoelectric cooling products...cold plates, air-conditioners and liquid chillers, which are used in electronics, laboratories, factories, refineries, in medical products and the military. Thermoelectric cooling chills by creating heat transfer through dissimilar semiconductor materials, without compressors or gases. A complete description of the technology is available at

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