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Thermoelectric Air Conditioner features universal input.

Oct 11, 2016

With 100–240 Vac universal input, Model AHP-2259 is rated at 1,330 BTU/hr. Through mounted, air-cooled unit features closed loop design, condensate control and evaporation system, integral temperature controller, and power saving air-to-air heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode). Supplied in stainless steel housing suitable for NEMA-12 (IP 52) and NEMA-4/4X (IP 56) environments, unit has no compressor,... Read More


Liquid Chillers include water fittings in front and back.

Jan 08, 2016

Whether Models RLC-900 and RLC-1800 are mounted internally or externally, user can access water inlet and outlet hoses from either end of chiller. Rack mounted units include Pulse Width Modulating controller with fan speed control that enables chillers to slow fan automatically, minimizing noise as units reach set point. Additional features include USB communications port and 4 independent PID... Read More


Internally Mounted Thermoelectric A/Cs keep enclosures cool.

Oct 19, 2015

Available in 5 sizes, internally mounted air conditioners are suited for use where enclosure cooling is required but space requirements prohibit external protrusion. Design offers horizontal or vertical mounting completely internal to enclosure, and performance ratings range from 155–390 BTU/hr. Versions for temperature control and different environment ratings are also available. There are... Read More

HVAC, Material Handling & Storage

Thermoelectric Air Conditioners cool small enclosures.

Jun 25, 2014

Measuring 6 x 4.75 x 6.6 in., Models AHP-250 and AHP-270 offer 129 BTU/hr and 161 BTU/hr, respectively. Enclosure coolers are built with industrial or military grade fans and are suitable for range of environments including mil-spec and NEMA-4X enclosures. Offering maintenance-free electronics protection solution for hard-to-access areas, coolers are suited for military cases, mobile electronics,... Read More


Thermoelectric Air Conditioners keep electronics cabinet cool.

May 28, 2014

Available for systems with 3-phase power, thermoelectric electrical cabinet coolers offer cooling capacities from 2,200–6,000 BTU/hr and do not require filters, coolant, or chemicals. Only moving parts are industrial- and military-grade fans, and built-in temperature controller offers Eco-Mode for energy conservation. Able to perform in diverse environments, including NEMA-12/-4/-4X, these... Read More

Green & Clean, HVAC

Thermoelectric Air Conditioner features half-ton capacity.

Jan 31, 2014

Equipped with energy-saving Eco-Mode feature, Model AHP-6263 utilizes built-in temperature controller to provide passive cooling. In Eco-Mode, unit cools using 86% less energy than in active cool mode. Three-phase, 240 Vac air conditioner is configured for NEMA-12, NEMA-4, and NEMA-4X environments, and is also available in 250 Vdc version for crane applications. Read More

Green & Clean, HVAC

Thermoelectric Air Conditioner has half ton cooling capacity.

Jan 24, 2014

Model AHP-6263 is 3-phase, 240 Vac air conditioner configured for use in NEMA-12/-4/-4X environments. Cooling using 86% less energy than active cool mode, Eco-Mode promotes energy conservation via built-in temperature controller that provides passive cooling. Customization is available, as is 250 Vdc version for crane applications. Read More

HVAC, Laboratory and Research Supplies and Equipment, Materials & Material Processing, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Laboratory Cold/Hot Plates heat up to +150°C.

Dec 17, 2013

Designed for laboratory research, cascade Model AHP-1200C31 ranges from -50 to +150°C, while single stage Models AHP-1200CPV and AHP-301CPV can reach -15 to +120°C. Thermoelectric systems incorporate temperature controller, data logging software, internal-to-external temperature switching, and RS-232 communications. With no moving parts, maintenance-free systems are suited for cooling... Read More

Green & Clean, HVAC

Thermoelectric Air Conditioner conserves space and power.

Nov 01, 2013

Intended for enclosures with limited space, flush-mounted thermoelectric air conditioners use industrial- or military-grade fans and are configured for NEMA-12/-4/-4X environments. Units mount flush against enclosure without additional frames, flanges, or accessories, and environmental gasket and hardware preserve environmental integrity of enclosure. Eco-Mode temperature controller feature,... Read More

Green & Clean, HVAC

Thermoelectric Air Conditioners conserve space and power.

Oct 30, 2013

Designed to offer cooling without physical intrusion into enclosures with limited space, flush-mounted thermoelectric air conditioners do not require additional frames, flanges, or accessories. Environmental gasket and hardware (included) preserve environmental integrity of enclosure. Green Zone models have COP rating of .83, and Eco-Mode temperature controller, included in most models,... Read More


Benchtop Cold Plate System reaches -100°F.

Jan 10, 2013

Designed for laboratory use, LHP-1200CAS Liquid-Cooled Cascaded Cold Plate System provides direct contact cooling down to -70°C, making it suitable for cooling components, materials, chemicals, and samples. Thermoelectric system uses no chemicals and has no moving parts except for fluid. System includes programmable temperature controller with data logging software, hinged cover, and RS-232... Read More


Thermoelectric Air Conditioners provide 5,200 BTU/hr at 240 Vac.

Sep 21, 2012

Featuring temperature control with Eco-Mode, Series AHP-6200 limits active cooling when it is not needed to save energy. Eco-Mode switches on passive cooling when enclosure reaches 25°C. Active cooling begins when enclosure reaches 35°C and, on heat/cool configurations, active heating begins when enclosure drops to 10°C. Available with industrial- or military-grade sealed fans, units... Read More

Green & Clean, HVAC

Thermoelectric Air Conditioners have energy efficient design.

Aug 13, 2012

With 3,600 BTU/hr cooling capacity, AHP-4250 series includes Green Zone styles with efficiencies approaching 100%. Eco-Mode temperature control conserves energy by acting as heat exchanger under low-demand conditions, when active cooling is not needed. While high air flow fans and high fin density heat sinks on cold side maximize performance and minimize condensation, integral condensate removal... Read More


Benchtop Cold Plate utilizes thermoelectric technology.

Dec 15, 2009

Featuring 11.2 x 15.1 in. footprint, Model AHP1200CPV has machined aluminum cold plate surface measuring 5.8 x 13.3 in. At 25°C ambient, cold plate surface is controllable from -15 to +90°C, and options can extend that range to below -45°C and above +90°C. Providing precise adjustment of surface temperature within ±0.1°C, integral PID temperature control includes remote sensing... Read More


Air Conditioner features built-in preset thermostat.

Sep 12, 2003

Solid-state Model AHP-301FF/85F includes control sensor, which causes air conditioner to cycle on when ambient temperature reaches 85°F, ±5°. Nominal cooling capacity is 160-200 Btu/hr, making it suitable for small-enclosure cooling. Plug-and-play unit operates at 120 or 240 Vac without set-up or adjustment. Read More

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