Bedrock Industrial Control System Passes Rigorous EMP Test Protocol

Becomes first ICS to be MIL-STD-461 and IEC 61000 certified

San Jose, Calif. -  Bedrock Automation ( has announced that its Bedrock™ Open Secure Automation (OSA™) platform is in full compliance to Military Standard 461 (MIL-STD-461F) and International Electrical Commission 61000 (IEC 61000) for electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resistance.

Dayton Brown, an independent military and industrial testing firm conducted test RS105 on a fully operational Bedrock™ system. The test involved repeated 50,000 V/m nanosecond EMP strikes to emulate the energy of a High Altitude Electromechanical Pulse (HEMP), as would be created by an atmospheric nuclear detonation. The Bedrock™ system performed without error and without consequential damage during and after the test, even after seven complete consecutive test runs.

"The possibility of an electromagnetic pulse knocking out critical infrastructure is of growing concern to global security experts. To ensure that defense technology remains functional in the event of such an attack, the U.S. has long-established rigid design and testing requirements for military electronics and we believe that Bedrock™ is the first and only industrial control system that meets these specifications. This is a strong testament to the extreme engineering measures we are taking to redefine the limits of ICS technology and achieve new levels of performance and security," said Bedrock CTO and Engineering VP Albert Rooyakkers.

Dayton Brown tested the system in a configuration that represents a real use setting. The test system deployed a loaded backplane and Bedrock™ Secure I/O, Power, and Controller Modules, with copper and fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet communications. Where MIL-STD 461 compliance requires withstanding only 5 blasts, the Bedrock system survived more than 30 blasts without faltering.

Intrinsic EMP protection

Along with cyber security, EMP compliance was designed into the Bedrock system at the outset. Bedrock engineers achieved it by incorporating numerous detailed design elements, including the creation and deployment of a pinless backplane, which eliminates the possibility of pins as antennae to absorb and disperse energy. As a result, EMP protection is standard to every Bedrock™ control system.  For more information about how Bedrock Automation has incorporated EMP protection into its intrinsic cyber defense, download the whitepaper: OSA White Paper, Chapter Three - Intrinsic Cyber Security Fundamentals at

#147;EMP was of minimal concern when most existing control systems were designed, but it is gaining more attention today, as is concern about lower level electromagnetic interference (EMI). While some industrial control systems do protect against EMI, as far as we know, only Bedrock Automation has designed in EMP protection resistance as well,” said Mark Sen Gupta, Research Director at ARC Advisory Group.

About Bedrock Automation

Bedrock Automation, based in San Jose, California, is the maker of Bedrock™, the world’s most powerful and cyber secure automation platform. This Silicon Valley company has assembled the latest technologies and talents from both the automation and semiconductor industries to build an unprecedented automation solution for industrial control based on three prime directives: simplicity, scalability and security. The result is a system with a revolutionary electromagnetic backplane architecture and deeply embedded cyber security, which delivers the highest levels of system performance, ICS cyber security and reliability at the lowest cost of ownership.


The Bedrock™ automation platform from Bedrock Automation is the first industrial control system to become fully compliant with Military Standard 461 (MIL-STD-461F) and International Electrical Commission 61000 (IEC 61000) for electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resistance.

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