Battery Electrolyte Level Monitor relays real-time status.

Press Release Summary:

Applicable to any flooded battery, regardless of voltage and amp-hour, ELM-Series Electrolyte Level Monitoring System continuously and non-invasively monitors electrolyte level and temperature. Each model includes ELM-Monitor and as many sensors as required to connect to each jar/cell. Alarm, triggered upon low electrolyte level or higher than normal temperature, is communicated by sensors to system monitor. Solution offers 4 contacts for external alarming.

Original Press Release:

Real-Time Battery Electrolyte Level Monitoring

Non-invasive system for Flooded Batteries

Milwaukee, Wisconsin — Eagle Eye Power Solutions is introducing the ELM-Series Electrolyte Level Monitoring System that monitors the electrolyte level and temperature of individual flooded batteries The ELM-Series is non-invasive and is applicable to any flooded battery regardless of voltage and amp-hour. Save time and money by continuously monitoring electrolyte levels and eliminating the need for periodic testing and battery maintenance!

How does the ELM-Series Work? 

The ELM-Series Battery Electrolyte Level Monitor will work for any flooded battery system. Each model will include (1) ELM-Monitor and as many sensors required to connect to each jar / cell. (ex: A 60 Cell system will have 60 Sensors and 1 Monitor). Utilizing low-cost, easy-to-install sensors, the system will alarm on low electrolyte level or higher than normal temperature. The sensors are simply and securely attached to each individual jar.

In the condition of a low electrolyte or temperature alarm, the sensors communicate to the system monitor and the system monitor activates a changeover relay output while simultaneously activating the appropriate alarm LED lights. The LED light will indicate either 'low electrolyte level' or 'jar over-temperature'. In the event that 4 or more jars fall to an alarm level, the monitor will trigger a group alarm in addition to the single jar alarm.

Advantages of Monitoring Electrolyte Levels:

• Continuous monitoring provides real-time battery protection - saving time & money!
• Eliminate the need for scheduled periodic testing & maintenance
• Avoid user-errors and safety-risks
• Easy-to-install, non-invasive system: No Site Surveys required!
• Four alarm contacts for external alarming
• Can easily be integrated into any facilities management or alarm system
• The ELM-Series will comply with NERC PRC-005-2 guidelines that require electrolyte level monitoring for Utilities

Eagle Eye Power Solutions offers many other real-time battery monitoring systems for DC applications including utilities, telecoms, and DC generators. UPS applications include data centers, hospitals, emergency lighting and more. Learn more about Eagle Eye Power Solutions at: today!

Eagle Eye Power Solutions is the industry leader in battery monitoring, testing and charging solutions.

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