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Diagnostics Made Simple with POREX®'s  Collection to Detection  Testing Solutions

Diagnostics Made Simple with POREX®'s Collection to Detection Testing Solutions

Diagnostic testing has traditionally remained in the control of clinics and typically comes at no small cost, but POREX® is shaking up the status quo with a new suite of unmatched industry innovations. With its “Collection to Detection” diagnostics solutions, POREX® aims to both place power in the hands of the patient and cut operational costs for clinicians. By carefully engineering smart,...

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New NEXUS Clinical Diagnostic Solutions from ERBA is Suitable for Mid-Sized Labs

Delivering advanced automation across immunology, clinical chemistry and hematology. Automates AI-based blood cell image analysis, advanced CLIA magnetic beads, thick film ISE analysis and an intuitive sample transport system. Uses advanced thick-film ISE analysis technology and innovative reagent management to deliver improved workflow and enhanced analytical result quality.

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Block Scientific Offering User-friendly Cascade M-4 Coagulation Analyzer

Block Scientific, an established supplier of laboratory equipment based in New York offers the cost-effective Cascade M-4 manual hemostasis analyzer from Helena.-  Offering simple and economical operation, this analyzer is ideal for all routine clotting assays - PTs, aPTTs, thrombins, fibrinogens and factor assays. Compact and designed for easy, inexpensive, low-volume testing, this model saves...

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Medical Device Manufacturer LW Scientific Turns to IQMS ERP Software to Streamline Operations

LW Scientific, Inc. invests in IQMS ERP system to strengthen management, quality assurance, and operational efficiency in its ISO 13485:2003-certified manufacturing facility PASO ROBLES, Calif. - IQMS, a leading manufacturing ERP software and manufacturing execution system (MES) authority, today announced that LW Scientific, Inc. has selected IQMS to strengthen management and quality assurance...

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Timing Measurement Tools aid air traffic network management.

Timing measurement tools for Next Generation Air Traffic Management (ATM) networks simulate and measure all delay requirements. MAPS™ Controller can control GL tools to perform all tests repeatedly and record results for post analysis. To perform several timing measurements, users can setup- testbed with appropriate AVN elements and various GL tools at appropriate strategic interfaces....

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Sysmex America Inc. to Exhibit Flow Cytometry Products at CYTO 2016

Company committed to advancements in flow cytometry LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. - Sysmex America, Inc., the global leader in hematology diagnostics, announced that it will participate in the CYTO 2016 conference in Seattle June 11-15. The company is exhibiting at the show as part of its enhanced commitment in flow cytometry, building upon its hematology knowledge and strengthened by its acquisition of...

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Cell Sorter offers optimized resolution and sort purity.

Built for benchtop use, BD FACSMelody™ System identifies and isolates target cells for up to 9 colors. BD FACSChorus™ software guides researchers throughout entire cell sorting process using advanced automation technology. Researchers can simultaneously isolate 2 cell populations into separate tubes or deposit single or multiple target cells into 96- or 384-well plates. With BD FACSMelody...

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