Bar Feeder features quick-change system.

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Robobar SBF-532 utilizes connecting guide blocks that operate as one unit and accommodate bar sizes from 5 to 32 mm. Operators index guide block to proper capacity and changeover is complete. All setups are integrated into PNC-DECO machine control, streamlining programming time and machine/loader operation. Magazine style feeder accommodates up to 100 bars, depending on bar size. Gripper mechanism adjusts automatically to whatever bar size is being used.

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Tornos to Demonstrate New Quick-Change Bar Feeder at IMTS 2002

(Brookfield, CT - June 2002) A new, magazine style bar feeder from Tornos Technologies U.S. Corporation reduces channel guide changeover times down to 15 minutes, according to the company. IMTS visitors can see this and other improvements on the new Robobar SBF-532 at IMTS 2002, booth A-8242.

When users need to change bar sizes in conventional bar feeders, each section of the guide channel must be manually changed. On large feeders there can be from 4 to 10 individual components with oil lines and other pieces that must be changed. With Tornos' new quick-change system, which is essentially a series of connecting guide blocks that operate as one unit, operators simply index the guide "block" to the proper size capacity and the changeover is complete. The quick-change system on the Robobar SBF-532 accommodates bar sizes ranging from 5mm to 32mm. As such, this model Robobar is suitable for Tornos' larger DECO 2000 series of single spindle automatics, specifically the DECO 2000 20a and 26a models.

In addition to the productivity benefits of the quick-change system, the new Robobar features an effective bar gripper mechanism between the bar feeder and the sliding headstock. As a bar is machined, eventually the end of the bar exits the feeder.
This unsupported bar section between the feeder and the headstock can negatively affect production. To provide a stable transition zone, Tornos has developed a gripper system which adjusts automatically to whatever bar size is being used in the machine. This new system will be on the Robobar SBF-532 at IMTS.

The other key design upgrade on the new Robobar is the elimination of a separate control system on the bar feeder. Now all the Robobar setups are integrated right into the machine control, the PNC-DECO, streamlining programming time and machine/loader operation.

Like all of Tornos' Robobars, this magazine style feeder can accommodate up to 100 bars, depending on bar size. Tornos' hydrodynamic style bar feeders offer less noise and vibration because of the oil filled tube, higher rotational speeds, automatic remnant retract, and better control of part length. Further, with a Tornos-built magazine feeder, customers have the added convenience and expertise of installation and service from a single source supplier.

For more information, visit IMTS 2002 booth A-8242, or contact Tornos U.S. Corporation, (203) 775-4319,,

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