Baggage Conveyor comes with integrated maintenance tools.

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Designed for handling baggage at either passenger claim areas or in baggage sorting areas, SIBAG 300C Flat Carousel has moving flat surface that permits convenient display as well as easy removal of baggage. Including control system that monitors and records drive motor and system run time, it features integrated system level intelligence, distributed drive system, and compact, self adjusting friction drive system with automatic drive engagement/disengagement.

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Siemens Introduces the Next Generation Flat Crescent Carousel System

ATLANTA, Aug. 28, 2008 - Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. today announced the introduction of the new SIBAG 300C Flat Carousel, a new, high capacity conveyor system designed for handling of baggage at either passenger claim areas or in baggage sorting areas. The system incorporates active drive power balancing, significantly reduced weight of the moving components and integrated maintenance tools. Together, these features increase performance and reliability while reducing maintenance requirements and significantly lower energy consumption and equipment life cycle cost.

The control system monitors and records drive motor and system run time and engages the lowest run-time motors as the primary drive motor. This selective process reduces drive assembly wear and extends the system life over traditional 100 percent engaged carousels.

Building on the success of previous Siemens' baggage carousels, the SIBAG 300C includes the following innovative design features:

o Integrated system level intelligence.

o Distributed drive system.

o Active drive power balancing. The use of redundant drives is optimized to reduce energy consumption and provide extended service life.

o Compact and simplified friction drive system with automatic drive engagement / disengagement, self adjusting to accommodate component wear.

o Reduced maintenance through service life balancing of the drive systems.

o Reduced electrical consumption by operating the drive motors at the highest efficiency.

Additionally, the moving flat surface of the carousel permits convenient display of baggage, as well as easy removal of baggage by passengers or baggage handling personnel.

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