Bag Grippers feature integrated ejectors.

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Designed to handle unstable, bag-type containers and shrink-wrapped packages, Bag Grippers offer optimal suction power due to integrated ejectors. Even in case of low suction power due to handling extremely porous goods, side channel blower is available to generate vacuum. Diameter of suction channels allows dust particles to pass through unhindered, eliminating downtime due to clogging. Customized handling solutions can be created by splitting vacuum chambers and adjusting chamber depths.

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FIPA Presents: Bag Grippers with Integrated High-Performance Ejectors

New Products Ensure Safe Gripping of Unstable Products

CARY, North Carolina - Reliable, flexible, individually adaptable: FIPA Inc. ( ) today announced the release of its new Bag Gripper, specifically designed to handle unstable, bag-type containers and shrink-wrapped packages. "With the Bag Gripper, FIPA now offers a simple, low-maintenance solution to handle processes that used to be very complex," says Rainer Mehrer, president and owner of FIPA.

A special version of FIPA's popular Vacuum Gripper, the Bag Gripper offers optimal suction power thanks to its integrated high-performance ejectors. Even in the case of low suction power due to handling extremely porous goods, a side channel blower is available to generate a vacuum.

Gripper Details

The design of the Bag Gripper ensures high resistance to contamination: The diameter of the suction channels is large enough to allow dust particles to pass through unhindered. This eliminates downtime due to clogging of the suction channels. The seal collar, which optimally adapts to the surface of the product, offers absolute gripping reliability with the lowest possible suction air requirement, while the simple exchange mechanism ensures that maintenance can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively.

Compared to bag gripper solutions with mechanical fingers, less time is spent on adjustment and maintenance. Time-consuming lubrication of the mechanical gripper components is no longer necessary and adapting to different handling goods requirements is simple.

Customized Solutions Can be Realized in a Cost-Effective Manner

Since each gripping job is unique, FIPA offers a range of customizable options for the Bag Gripper. Suction chambers can be split up for multi-positioning tasks or different handling requirements. In the case of a multipositioning job, the robot-mounted gripper takes two packages from the conveyor and sets them down in different positions. At the same time, a vacuum is generated in each suction chamber individually by using valves. While one of the suction chambers is still holding the first package, the vacuum in the second suction chamber is switched off and the product is released.

To optimally adjust the gripper to specific product requirements, the depth of the vacuum chamber can be customized as well. This function allows for a secure grip while keeping air consumption at a minimum.

FIPA Bag Grippers at a Glance:

  • Flexible Vacuum Generation: Integrated high-performance ejectors ensure optimal suction power. FIPA side channel blowers are available to handle highly porous products.

  • High Reliability: Contamination-resistant design reduces downtime due to dusty products.

  • Low Maintenance Costs: Suction mat can be replaced quickly and easily.

  • Unique Customization Options: Many different handling solutions can be created by splitting the vacuum chambers and adjusting chamber depths.

  • Simple Integration: The Bag Gripper is compatible with FIPA's Modular System and can also be used with third-party systems.

About FIPA

FIPA Inc. was founded as a fully owned subsidiary of FIPA GmbH. FIPA GmbH is an international company in the fields of vacuum technology and gripper systems, specializing in the development and distribution of quality products and innovative system solutions for material flow. Founded in 1985, FIPA GmbH's headquarters is in Ismaning (Munich), Germany. The company has registered continuous growth over the years. For comprehensive information and the latest news, please visit .

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