Automatic Butt Splicer can unwind very delicate materials.

Press Release Summary:

Compatible with such materials as tag, label, board, film stock, as well as other thick or double ply materials, Power Splice features heavy-duty, cantilevered unwind design that features integral roll lifting and can hold 2 full 40 in. dia rolls to accommodate roll prep at any time in splice sequence. Horizontal web accumulator, positioned on top of splicer, concentrates footprint, and vector driven unwind spindles are standard (servo drives are optional).

Original Press Release:

CTC International Introduces Its "Power Splice" Automatic Butt Splicer

The splicer is suitable for splicing a variety of materials including tag, label, board, film stocks, and other thick or double ply materials.

The Heavy-duty cantilevered unwind design features integral roll lifting and can hold (2) full 40” diameter rolls, allowing new roll prep at any time in the splice sequence.

The horizontal web accumulator is positioned on top of the splicer, allowing for a smaller footprint than any existing splicer which accommodates rolls this size.

Unit features vector driven unwind spindles as standard, with servo drives optional. Driving the unwind spindles offers several benefits including keeping the machine footprint small, the ability to unwind very delicate materials, and no brakes to wear and need replacement.

Automatic “Gapless” Butt Splicing with two pieces of tape for maximum security is standard. Both splice tapes are applied to the web when stopped, reducing chances of a missed splice. Splicer can also be prepped to make a one-sided splice, with the tape always on the same side, without turreting the unwind rolls.

The splicer will be offered to accommodate a variety of web widths, line speeds and other process requirements.

For more information please contact Rich Herbert at CTC.

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