Audio SoCs enhance embedded audio and voice applications.

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Supplied in 76-pin QFN package, CX2070X series includes audio/voice DSP, multi-bit codec, digital and analog I/O interfaces, and 2.5 W/channel Class-D amp to drive stereo speakers or optional PWM and differential line-out for external speaker systems amps. Dual dynamic noise reduction filters for incoming and outgoing audio streams eliminate ambient near- and far-end noises, while sound is further enhanced via beam forming as well as sub-band acoustic and line echo cancellation.

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Conexant Launches New Family of Solutions for Growing Embedded Audio Applications

New Audio SoCs Shipping in Pre-production Quantities to Customers Now

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., - Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNXT), a leading supplier of innovative semiconductor solutions for imaging, audio, embeddedmodem, and video applications, today introduced a new family of audio system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for embedded audio and voice applications. The CX2070X SoCs are targeted at growing audio opportunities in multimedia IP phones, personal navigation devices, portable media players, and mobile Internet devices. Additional applications include MP3 player docking stations, PC speaker systems, audio headsets, and unified communications systems that support services such as voice-over-IP telephony, speakerphone, and audio conferencing functionality.

The highly integrated SoCs can also be used to enable audio capabilities in intercom and door phone applications. The new audio solutions are shipping in pre-production quantities to customers now.

"We have applied our extensive expertise in voice- and audio-enhancing algorithms to deliver a next-generation speakers-on-a-chip product family that allows us to expand our reach into growing, adjacent embedded audio and voice segments," said Rene Hartner, vice president of marketing for Conexant. "These innovative solutions feature a powerful suite of Conexantdeveloped technical innovations that dramatically improve audio and voice quality, and the user experience. In addition, an easy-to-use software configuration tool allows developers to customize audio systems and optimize listening experiences."

The highly integrated CX2070X SoCs include an integrated audio/voice digital signal processor (DSP), multi-bit codec, digital and analog input/out interfaces, and a power efficient 2.5-watt per channel Class-D amplifier to drive stereo speakers or optional post-width modulation (PWM) and differential line-out for external speaker systems amplifiers. Key features include Conexant-proprietary technical innovations that significantly improve audio and voice quality. These include:
  • Sub-band Acoustic Echo Cancellation: A high-performance sub-band acoustic echocancellation algorithm eliminates speaker-to-microphone feedback while preserving natural sounding voice for high-quality, echo-free voice conversations.
  • Beam-forming: Signals captured by the array microphones are processed to form an adjustable, directional beam, which improves voice clarity by eliminating interfering speech and background noise. Beam-forming can be used to confine the microphone pick-up radius for private conversation, or to capture a 360-degree radius for conference call applications.
  • End-to-end Noise Reduction: Two unique dynamic noise reduction filters for the incoming and outgoing audio streams eliminate ambient near- and far-end noises.
  • Line Echo Cancellation: Advanced line echo filter that eliminates echo from twisted-pair crossover on a full duplex two-wire hybrid network.
  • BrightSound: A comprehensive suite of parametric equalization, dynamic range compression, and digital crossover algorithms that optimize speaker frequency response, boost loudness without clipping, and match speakers for up to 2.5 watt channel configuration.
  • 3-D Phantom Speakers: A psychoacoustic stereo expansion algorithm changes the listener's perception of sound by widening the output from narrowly separated speakers to create a closer-to-live sound experience.
  • 3-D Virtual Immersion: A phase virtualization algorithm psychoacoustically "repositions" the sound field, creating an immersive surround effect. It can also be tuned to create a headphone-like experience that concentrates sound on an intended listener without increasing the actual volume.

    The CX2070X SPoCs are available in a variety of configurations. The new solutions can also be used with the company's CX92735 imaging SoC, enabling manufacturers to add audio capabilities to "connected" frames and interactive display devices.

    Additional features include an easy-to-use, preset-configuration tool and software that allow product developers to evaluate or develop audio subsystems without a PC or microprocessor control unit.

    Conexant's audio solutions include high-definition (HD) audio integrated circuits, HD audio codecs, and speakers-on-a-chip solutions for personal computers, PC peripheral sound systems, audio subsystems, speakers, notebook docking stations, voice-over-IP speakerphones, intercom, door phone, and audio-enabled surveillance applications.

    Packaging and Pricing
    The CX2070X product family is packaged in a 76-pin quad flat no-lead (QFN) package. Prices range from $2.25 to $3.75 each in quantities of 10,000 depending on the feature-set.

    About Conexant
    Conexant's comprehensive portfolio of innovative semiconductor solutions includes products for imaging, audio, embedded-modem, and video applications. Conexant is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif. For more information, visit

    Conexant is a registered trademark of Conexant Systems, Inc.
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