AST-PPD(TM): Plumber's Pipe Dope Professional Grade

AST-PPD(TM) is a smooth, grit-free, gray-colored pipe joint compound. It seals threaded joints tight and will not crack or crumble. Disassembly months or years later is easy. Contains no lead and is safe for all water systems.

Temperature Range Use: Gases and Liquid: -15ºF to +400ºF (-26º to +204ºC).
Pressure Range Use: Gases up to 1000 psi; Liquids up to 2000 psi
Brushable to: -15ºF (-26ºC)
Sets: Soft set, non-hardening
Contains: Non-toxic inert oils and carbonate. Contains no lead or silicone.
Available In: 1/2 pt bt, 1 pt bt, 1 qt can, 1 qt bt, 1 gal can, 5 gal pail
P/N : 25108, 25118, 25125, 25126, 25130, 25150

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