Arthur Machinery-Florida offers Tornos Multi-Spindle Swiss CNC Turning

Tampa, Florida: Arthur Machinery-Florida represents Tornos Multi-Swiss 6x14 CNC Swiss Turning machines in the Florida and Puerto Rico markets.

The Tornos Multi-Swiss is the link between multi-spindle and single-spindle machines.  Multi-Swiss are very fast and can deliver cycle times equal to those of cam-operated multi-spindle machines.  The Multi-Swiss is equipped with (6) sliding headstock spindles with hydrostatic bushings, uses torque motor technology for barrel indexing and the machine is completely CNC controlled which allows for independent spindle speeds. 

The machine is operated by Fanuc CNC control with the integrated TB-Deco ADV programming system.

Thanks to the hydrostatic technology, the Tornos Multi-Swiss can achieve exceptional finishes (Ra 0.15) and outstanding tool adherence even in materials considered difficult to machine.  Despite its exceptional performance, the Tornos Multi-Swiss is extremely easy to setup and adjust, and it is programmed  the same as six machines with three linear axes, which means you don’t need to be and expert in multi-spindle machines to operate them.

Revolutionizing the multi-spindle concept, the 6x14 machine offers rapid barrel indexing, Ultra-Dynamic synchronous motor spindles, thermo regulated machine core to control machines temperature, (14) linear axes, (7) C-axes, all-in-one concept including bar feeder, oil tray and filtration system.

The Tornos Multi-Swiss has a small foot-print, easy frontal access to tools, chucker option and Y-axis option for greater capability.  Ease of setup allows for a variety of parts with close tolerances.

Phil Miller, Tornos Managing Director,  is pleased with the Arthur Machinery-Florida partnership, especially with Arthur’s history in the screw machine industry.

Phil Miller

Managing Director

Tornos U.S.A.

840 Parkview Boulevard

Lombard, Illinois 60148

(630) 812-2040

Clark Shafer

Sales Coordinator

Arthur Machinery-Florida

5903 Johns Rd., Tampa Florida 33634

813-887-4455,  813-887-4456 F

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