ARI-Armaturen Heats Water at Frozen Food Manufacturers

Compheat delivers accurate temperature control at Findus Foods

10th June 2008, Tewkesbury - ARI-Armaturen, worldwide leaders in the manufacture and supply of process valves, has recently supplied its Compheat heat exchanger system to Findus Foods, a leading international frozen food producer in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Findus Foods required an efficient and reliable process control solution that could heat water from an ambient temperature to 65c for washing down production lines within the factory. The solution lay in ARI-Armaturen's Compheat system, which offers cost savings, steam usage reduction and the ability to accurately control the temperature of processed water whilst maintaining a constant pressure in low steam conditions.

"Since installing the Compheat system, we have noticed a significant improvement in cleaning and hygiene standards," said Andrew Humpish, project manager at Findus Foods. "It is very competitively priced and delivers the added advantage that we no longer require annual pressure regulation insurance inspections - saving us even more time and money."

Tony Harrison, operations manager at ARI-Armaturen said, "It's great to know that Findus Foods is pleased with the results of Compheat. We have had excellent feedback from numerous customers about this product because Compheat offers constant pressure control that allows precise manipulation of the process system temperature, delivering significant savings compared to other systems on the market."

ARI's Compheat offers a compact solution for heat transfer requirements, for the generation of both domestic hot water and LTHW (low temperature hot water) from either steam or MTHW (medium temperature hot water). Occupying less than one square metre, with low capital cost and reduced maintenance requirements, the Compheat system is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications including heat recovery, heating, cooling, pumping and filtration.

A full isolation package of high quality bellows sealed stop valves for the primary circuit, and circuit lined butterfly valves for the second circuit, comes as standard with the ARI Compheat, as does the 'clean in place' connectors to simplify the maintenance process. Safety is also of utmost importance; the Compheat comes complete with a self-acting high temperature cutout to protect the unit from over heating.

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