Anti-Fog Coating optimizes optical clarity of displays.

Press Release Summary:

With Vueguard® 932-AF Coating, gauges, lenses, visors, and display windows can withstand moisture and heat conditions without fogging, and with optimized abrasion and chemical resistance. UV-curable, super hydrophilic coating also features optimized surface hardness, water immersion resistance, and surface slip. It is suited for marine, medical, eyewear, electronic, appliance, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Original Press Release:

PCI Labs Introduces the New Vueguard® 932-AF Anti-Fog Coating

PCI Labs proudly announces the market introduction of a new, UV-curable, super hydrophilic Vueguard® 932-AF, Anti-Fog Coating with outstanding properties and minimum processing requirements.

Fog forms on display surfaces when water vapor in the air condenses in tiny droplets;fog formation is not a film, but tiny droplets of water that coalesce on the surface and reduce light transmission.

The new, super hydrophilic Vueguard® 932-AF anti-fog coating allows lenses, visors and display windows to withstand greater moisture levels and heat conditions without fogging, with enhanced abrasion and chemical resistance.  In addition to providing long-term fog resistance, the new anti-fog coating provides enhanced optical clarity and features much improved surface hardness, water immersion resistance and better "surface slip"; all important requirements in the display, visors and safety eyewear applications.

The Vueguard® 932-AF coating solves the perplexing display problems designers face with fogging gauges, lenses, electronic displays and optimizes performance in dusty, steamy and wet work environments.

PCI Labs' new Vueguard® 932-AF anti-fog coating is ideal for marine, medical, eyewear, electronic, appliance, automotive, aerospace and many other industries that use indicating units in need of long term anti-fog protection.


Performance Coatings International Laboratories, LLC is a leader in the formulation of high performance, optically clear, thin film coatings and oligomer synthesis for plastics, glass, ceramics, composites and other engineered materials.  As trailblazers in the use of UV-curable, hard coating systems and processes, we hold 14 US and International patents.  Visit the PCI Labs website today, to find out more about our products and services, R&D capabilities and how we can assist you in making your products better!  PCI Labs has manufacturing sites in the USA and China.

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