Announcing Results-Based Pricing and Equipment Lease Options

Oil and gas prices are fluctuating and operation and maintenance budgets are tight. To support our customers, Rohrback Cosasco Systems is offering results-based pricing and equipment lease options for our corrosion-monitoring products and services.

Reduce the costs of corrosion

By using our corrosion-monitoring products and services you can:

o Reduce risk from leaks and system failure

o Reduce chemical inhibitor use

o Reduce inspection and maintenance costs

o Reduce unscheduled downtime

o Reduce time spent on chemical screening trials

o Lengthen equipment life

Results-based pricing: Pay as you save

We are so confident that your organization will save money by using our products and services that we will set pricing based on your results - meaning, we get paid based on how much you save by using our products and services. If you can provide historical data to establish a baseline, and have a process suited to measuring improvement, we will design and supply a corrosion-monitoring program and develop a payment plan based on incremental savings. We effectively guarantee our products and guarantee a return on investment to you.

Equipment leasing: Benefit without the capital outlay

The benefits of corrosion monitoring are extensive and the cost savings significant. We now offer our services to you without you having to make a capital commitment. Gain all the benefits of our corrosion-monitoring equipment by renting, leasing, or leasing to purchase. We can also provide services that will allow you to derive full value from the equipment, such as data collection and system maintenance.

Contact us

Let us show you how our creative pricing and leasing options can save money for your organization. Call our customer service department at 800-635-6898, or e-mail us at Please note that equipment leasing may be unavailable in some countries because of import/export constraints.

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