Analysis Indicates Relationship between Food Packages and Food Quality Guarantee Period

As to most of the food, the deterioration is mainly caused by the growth of microorganism. The food processing procedures, including washing, sterilization, baking and frying, can greatly decrease the type and number of microorganisms in the food, or even kill them all. But, the microorganism residual rate can be affected by the factors such as raw material physical and chemical condition, processing and the difference in raw material microorganism contamination degree. Besides, during the processing, transportation and storage, the processed food can be re contaminated by the microorganisms. The microorganism residual in the processed food and the newly contaminated microorganism will reproduce at the explosive rate, and result in deterioration.

Temperature, gas and humidity, etc. are closely related to the growth and reproduction of the microorganism in the food. In actual preservation, temperature and humidity of food can be controlled at a low cost. However, the ambient gas content control is quite difficult. Adequate oxygen around will encourage the growth of aerobes. Since the growth rate of aerobes and the corresponding food deterioration rate are much faster than those of anaerobes, oxygen is regarded as one of the important factor causing food deterioration

Through the above analysis, there is close relationship between the whole package oxygen transmission rate and the quality guarantee period. If the packaging material is of inferior barrier property, the possibility of food deterioration caused by ecstasy microorganism growth with inlet oxygen will be greatly increased. Yet, the better barrier property of the packaging material, the more costs for packaging. Therefore, it is of great significance to start research on relationship between packaging material barrier property and food quality guarantee period.

Labthink Lab has started research and testing on this subject: Labthink has purchased a great lot of food specimens in their quality guarantee period and in intact packaging status. Then, the oxygen transmission rates of their packaging materials are tested so as to comprehensively analyze the relationship between whole package oxygen transmission rate and the printing quality guarantee period. At present, the testing specimens include varied plastic bottles with carbonated drinks, milk beverage and edible oil.

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