An Innovative Approach to Sawing and Material Flow - FMB Scorpio CNC Vertical Band Saw by PAT MOONEY INC.

The Scorpio CNC was developed to provide a unique solution for sawing longer cut lengths with opposing mitre cuts. Scorpio's massive saw head tilts left and right at a full 60 degrees and is controlled via CNC unit. The Scorpio's solution is the material optimization feature as well as a rotary material positioning system. This allows the Scorpio CNC Sawing System to process opposing mitre cuts while maintaining cut length.  When processing miter cuts, the optimizing software will eliminate waste and unnecessary cuts.  The rotary material positioning system eliminates the need for multiple indexes normally required of saws with a gripper index system. The material is indexed to the cut length in one fluid motion, with no limitation of cut length. In addition, the remnant/drop end can be reduced to only 1-3/8".

Scorpio's optimizing software and rotary material positioning system combined together offer a highly efficient sawing system.

The saw head rotates on a 6 inch diameter shaft that is hardened and ground for durability. It is designed on a 3 degree cant for maximum sawing efficiency which translates into 20% faster sawing. The saw head travels on linear rails and has 6 linear guides for efficient power transmittal. There are dual controls for cutting pressure and rate of travel. The vertical saw head incorporates both top and bottom saw guides. The rigid saw blade guide system is composed of carbide guides and roller bearings, two of the roller bearings support the backside of the saw blade.  The moveable guide arm automatically adjusts to the size of the workpiece and the cutting angle.  Once in position, the guide arm hydraulically locks to the dovetail way. 

Scorpio's machine base is manufactured with a heavy duty welded steel in a torsion free construction. The basement houses a chip conveyor, hydraulic unit and reservoir for the cleaning unit. A large steel table incorporates the clamping system. The table has hardened replaceable wear strips – the clamping vise open and close on both sides to accommodate bent material.

The saw motor and inverter drive a highly efficient planetary reduction gear box which allows for a wide range of blade speeds (60-470 FPM). The drive system is 95% efficient in turning HP into power so it delivers the optimal amount of torque to the saw cut to ensure quick and accurate cuts. 

Scorpio CNC is equipped with a 7" color LCD screen on the machine's control panel.  The LCD screen displays the machine's movements to give the operator a visual of the machine's operations.  The Scorpio's control can store up to 100 programs with each program containing up to 100 steps.  When entering a program, the operator will enter the quantity to be cut, the cut length, and miter angles for each step in their program.  The CNC control automatically calculates positioning of the material to reach the desired result. Optimization reduces material loss due to set up and uses fewer cuts to reach desired result on opposing angle cuts.

The rotary material positioning system is exclusive to Scorpio. This unit eliminates issues with material gripper/shuttle feed units, such as long drop ends; multiple cycles and fixed floor requirements. System is servo controlled for accurate cut lengths (0.001" per 12" travel).

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