American Rigging Services, Inc. Adds Protective Polyurethane Coating Service

October 10, 2006

American Rigging Services, Inc. ( has added ArmorThane® protective polyurethane coatings to its list of services. ArmorThane's spray-on polyurethane provides superior protection to equipment, machinery, and structures against corrosion, impact, abrasion and permeation. It bonds equally well to wood, concrete, fiberglass, geo-textiles, steel, galvanized metal and stainless steel providing a seamless protective layer in virtually any shape or size.

Spring Grove, IL October 10, 2006 - American Rigging Services, Inc. is pleased to announce its addition of ArmorThane® protective coating services for industrial, commercial and government application. This new service allows American Rigging Services to provide a valuable cost saving solution to its clients for prolonging the life span of their equipment, machinery, and facility structures.

This polyurethane coating is environmentally friendly and contains no solvents, VOCs or CFCs. It is also flexible, which prevents splitting, cracking and is available in virtually unlimited colors. Versatility in application combined with the natural strength of the product makes ArmorThane® polyurethane protection a perfect choice for shop floors, ramps and walls, Airport Conveyors, primary and secondary containment, machine guards, walk-in freezers and much more.

"When we saw the protective properties of ArmorThane® the decision was clear," explains Craig Knickerbocker, Product Development Manager of American Rigging Services. "We have seen that the need for protection against corrosive and impact abrasion in wide temperature ranges is in great demand for industrial and commercial businesses as well as government. Armorthane® makes an excellent addition to our suite of products and services."

About American Rigging Services
American Rigging Services specializes in rigging heavy equipment and machinery as well as millwright work, steel fabrication, demolition, machine storage and used equipment sales. Incorporated in 1979, the company offers turnkey plant relocations and rigging for heavy equipment, dismantling and re-installing of large complex machinery systems. For additional information, contact American Rigging Services, Inc at 815-675-0361 or visit the web site at

Craig Knickerbocker,
Product Development Manager


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