Ambrell Sells Induction Heating Systems for Thread Rolling

EASYHEAT systems were sold to be integrated into a thread rolling process abroad

Scottsville, NY — Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, has sold two EASYHEAT 10 kW induction heating systems for thread rolling to manufacture fasteners for the aerospace industry.

The application involves rolling an array of materials including Inconel, Hastealloy and Titanium. The outer diameter of the rods is up to 30 mm (1.2”) and the length is up to 51 mm (2”). Part sizes can vary, so the solution needed to account for that fact. The rods, depending on the material, need to heat up to 482°C (900°F).

The client chose Ambrell for a variety of reasons. The history of successful installations in the fastener industry, and the ability to offer solutions such as eVIEW temperature monitoring and data logging software to meet industry specifications, were key factors. Additionally, Ambrell’s responsiveness and ability to service the client regardless of location was critical – the client needed to test the systems in the United States and then implement them in China.

Thread rolling, which involves using a thread roll die to form a thread into a heated fastener, offers several advantages over thread cutting. The lack of cutting reduces material waste and stress to the fastener. Consequently, a higher quality part can be produced, one that is stronger and has more durable threads. Often a channel style coil is used and the parts move from the coil directly to the thread rolling die which maximizes the production rate.

Induction heating offers rapid, precise, non-contact heating. Only the portion of the fastener that requires heating will be heated. Additionally, the footprint requirement is minimal as remote workheads can be placed a distance from the power supply. It is also safe and reliable with no ramp up time and no flame.

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