Aluminum Polymer Capacitors from Vishay Provide High Ripple Current and Good Impedance

Press Release Summary:

Aluminum polymer capacitors in the conductive series include 184 CPNS, 185 CPNZ, and 186 CPNT. Capacitors in the hybrid conductive series include 182 CPHZ and 183 CPHT. Size range of the cases vary from 4mm-by-4mm-by-5.5mm to 10mm-by-10-mm-by-12.4 mm. Conductive capacitors have 5,000 hours of useful life, 5600mA ripple current, and 9mΩ ESR. Hybrid conductive capacitors have 10,000 hours of useful life, 2500mA ripple current, and 20mΩ ESR. Capacitors are SEC-Q200 certified and RoHS compliant.

Original Press Release:

New Vishay Intertechnology Conductive and Hybrid Conductive Aluminum Polymer Capacitors Save PCB Space and Lower Costs

Devices Deliver Longer Useful Life, Higher Ripple Current, and Lower Impedance Than Standard Aluminum Capacitors

MALVERN, Pa. — April 4, 2018 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today introduced new conductive (184 CPNS185 CPNZ, and 186 CPNT series) and hybrid conductive (182 CPHZ and 183 CPHT series) aluminum polymer capacitors in a variety of case sizes ranging from 4 mm by 4 mm by 5.5 mm to 10 mm by 10 mm by 12.4 mm. The Vishay BCcomponents devices offer longer lifetimes than do standard aluminum capacitors, and they provide higher ripple current and better impedance to save PCB space and lower costs.

With useful life to 5,000 hours at +105 °C, ripple current to 5600 mA, and ESR down to 9 mΩ, the conductive aluminum polymer capacitors released today are optimized for mobile devices and consumer and telecom applications. For automotive and industrial applications, the hybrid conductive devices offer a lifetime to 10,000 hours at +105 °C, ripple current to 2500 mA, and ESR down to 20 mΩ.

Available in AEC-Q200 qualified versions on request, the RoHS-compliant, surface-mount capacitors support automatic placement and high temperature reflow soldering in accordance with JEDEC.

Device Specification Table:

Series                          182 CPHZ                183 CPHT               184 CPNS                185 CPNZ            186 CPNT

Type                        Hybrid conductive     Hybrid conductive       Conductive              Conductive           Conductive

Rated ripple

current at 

100 kHz (mA)            750 to 2500                500 to 2000            700 to 5600             980 to 5300            980 to 5100

ESR at

100 kHz (mΩ)           20 to 120                      20 to 120                  9 to 100 1                2 to 75                  15 to 75

Useful life (h)

at max. temp.             10,000                          4,000                          2,000                     5,000                    2,000

Case sizes            5 x 5 x 5.8 to              5 x 5 x 5.8 to             4 x 4 x 5.5 to         6.3 x 6.3 x 5.8 to       6.3 x 6.3 x 5.8 to

(mm)                    10 x 10 x 10.5           10 x 10 x 10.5            10 x 10 x 12.4        10 x 10 x 12.4            10 x 10 x 12.4


range (µF)               10 to 330                   10 to 330                  4.7 to 3300              10 to 1500                 10 to 1500

Tolerance (%)                                                                                 ± 20


range (V)                  25 to 80                      25 to 80                 2.5 to 100                   6.3 to 50                     6.3 to 50

Temp. range

(°C)                        -55 to +105                 -55 to +125            -55 to +105                  -55 to +105               -55 to +125

Samples and production quantities of the 182 CPHZ, 183 CPHT, 184 CPNS, 185 CPNZ, and 186 CPNT are available now, with lead times of 12 to 16 weeks for large orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery only ranges from $0.20 per piece to $2.00 per piece, depending on case size and CV rating.

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