Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are offered in ranges from 1.7-1,000 µF.

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Replacing liquid electrolyte with solid polymer material, MXCP Series offers stable operation when exposed to temperature fluctuations. Units are rated for 6.3-100 Vdc and are available in temperature ranges from -55 to +105°C and -55 to +125°C. Offered in 5 case sizes from 6.3 x 6.0 to 10 x 12.5 mm, conductive SMD capacitors are coated with epoxy resin for resistance to heat, humidity, and solvents. Applications include flat panel TVs, LCDs, plasma display panels, PCs, and servers.

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Tecate's New High Capacitance, Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

SMD Devices Available In Capacitance Range from 1.7 to 1000µF and In Voltages from 6.3 to 100 VDC

San Diego, CA, ...Tecate Industries, a leading global supplier of capacitors and supercapacitors, today announced the release of the MXCP series of conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which includes the SMD Types MXCPA, MXCPH and MXCPP. By replacing the liquid electrolyte with solid polymer material, Tecate's new capacitors are highly stable when exposed to temperature fluctuations, and boast very low ESR (equivalent series resistance) values and high ripple current ratings. The series' high capacitance values and low ESR enable low impedance at high frequency to support excellent noise suppression and ripple absorption in a wide array of applications in which space is critical and cost per placement and maximum throughput are priorities.

The RoHS-compliant series consists of SMD parts in capacitance range of 1.7 to 1000µF, and with rated voltages from 6.3 to 100 VDC. Capacitors in the series are available for wide temperature ranges from -55 degrees C to +105 degrees C and from -55 degrees C to +125 degrees C. Versions with load life ratings to 5,000 or 10,000 hours (+105 degrees C) are provided.

Tecate's MXCP series is an ideal alternative to standard aluminum electrolytic capacitors in a broad range of consumer, industrial and automotive electronics applications requiring extended life, extended temperature range, and low profile. The parts are most frequently specified for use in flat-panel TVs, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), plasma display panels (PDPs), PCs and industrial PCs, servers, and power supplies.

Offered in five case sizes ranging from 6.3 mm x 6.0 mm to 10 mm x 12.5 mm, the MXCP capacitors are coated with epoxy resin for superior heat resistance, humidity resistance and solvent resistance. Parts are compatible with Pb-free soldering processes, and supplied tape and reel. For additional information, visit,

In quantities of 5,000, per piece pricing for Tecate's MXCP series of conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors ranges from approximately $0.199 to $0.899 depending on part number.

Delivery is 8 to 10 weeks. Samples are available upon request.

About Tecate Industries

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Tecate Industries is a division of the Tecate Group, a global leader in the design, sales, and distribution of capacitors and ultracapacitors, as well as audio and multimedia components and service. The Company specializes in supplying high-quality ceramic high voltage, tantalum, aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, together with ultracapacitor cells, to the world's leading OEMs, assemblers, and end users in markets spanning consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial, military, medical, automotive, transportation and utilities. Founded in 1963, Tecate Industries has long maintained its commitment to provide unparalleled levels of customer service and support, along with state-of-the-industry design and engineering resources. The Company additionally takes pride in offering customers virtually unlimited customization capabilities for unique applications, and maintains a vast global network of sales representatives, and distributors To learn more about Tecate Industries, visit

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