Alliance Plastics adds 545 New Circuit Board Parts

Erie, PA - Circuit Board Hardware is the latest addition to the Alliance Plastics product offering. Alliance has added 25 new series consisting of 545 new parts to make up their new line of Circuit Board Hardware complete with supports, support posts, spacers and standoffs.

These new Supports are made up of 9 new series and 259 new parts. Supports are designed to support and space either circuit boards or circuit boards from a chassis so they do not touch each other. The supports are available in variable lengths depending on the space desired between your circuit boards or chassis. Supports are typically used on the four (4) corners due to their double locking design.

Support posts are designed to accompany supports where more stability is needed. Support posts have the same functionality as supports but are thicker than supports and are able to hold more weight and provide additional stability. Alliance Plastics has added 3 new series of support posts totaling 116 new parts.

Spacers differ from support and support posts in design and functionality. Spacers are used exactly for what the name implies - spacing. They are typically found in the middle of heavy boards in conjunction with supports and support posts where additional spacing and load bearing is necessary. Since they only lock on one end they are used primarily in the center of boards, not on the corners. Alliance Plastics has added 57 new spacers making up 3 new series.

Standoffs differ from the rest of the circuit board hardware group because they are used with fasteners. Since they are used with fasteners, they provide the best locking feature and are able to support the heaviest loads. Standoffs make up 113 new parts and 3 new series added to the latest Alliance Plastics catalog.

About Alliance Plastics

Alliance Plastics is a manufacturer and distributor of protection and finishing components for a wide range of industries and applications. Alliance Plastics operates predominantly in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil but has a global presence through distribution in Europe and Asia.

Formed in 1968, Alliance Plastics employs more than 200 people in 10 locations throughout North and South America. The company's headquarters and primary manufacturing site are located in Erie, Pennsylvania, where significant investment in information technology, production machinery, tooling, and warehouse facilities drive ongoing improvements in customer service. Additional manufacturing operations were incorporated into existing distribution operations at the Sao Paulo, Brazil site in 2006. This site anchors the company's presence in the region.

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