All-Flo® Steers Tire Industry Into Driving In Extra Savings

A major worldwide tire manufacture with 100 years of experience came to All-Flo for consultation and left with extra savings. Originally recognized for specializing in manufacturing truck tires, the company now produces a full line of commercial, winter, high-performance and general-purpose automobile tires. Their wealth of knowledge in the tire industry is invaluable, but All-Flo®'s AT-10 was able to drive in and add some additional savings to the bottom line.

Short-Lived Run

Diaphragm pumps are involved in the development of rubber compounds needed to produce tires. Raw materials are mixed and heated into a liquid rubber format. Once liquidized, the rubber compound is molded into solidified long sheets before the final molding into various tire sizes.

As the sheets sit in storage, they tend to stick to one another. In order to offset the unwanted attachment, an anti-tack compound is sprayed on the surface and then dried before the sheets are stacked in storage. The excess run-off of the abrasive formula is collected in a trough where a diaphragm pump siphons the solution and recirculates it into a supply tank.

The former diaphragm pumps were showing a short diaphragm life and excessive untimely failures. The short-lived pumps resulted in additional costs in labor, replacement, repair, energy consumption and cleanup.

So Much Is Riding On Time

Some people often say time is the one component in any manufacturing procedure that we cannot buy more of. All-Flo may not be able to physically buy more time, but we are able to utilize your time more efficiently with our high-performing diaphragm pumps. After

analyzing the tire manufacturer's operations and previously failing diaphragm pump, All-Flo recommended a few solutions that would increase the mean time between failures.

The first suggestion was for the previously used diaphragm material to be replaced with a new one. This change significantly reduced the amount spent on repairs and replacements.

The second recommendation called for a properly set air inlet pressure. An accurate pressure setting determines pump discharge pressure. Over pressurizing results in premature diaphragm failure. Proper discharge pressure can dramatically increase life and reduce overall operational costs.

Our final recommendation introduced a needle valve to help eliminate the "run-away" state. The needle valve helped reduce pump cycle rates up to 90% and maintain satisfactory recirculation flow.

Navigating Change

After switching to All-Flo's AT-10 pump and adding customized modifications for the application's parameters, the client has seen great improvements in their anti-tack compound spray recirculation process. The anticipated mean time between failures has jumped to an 80-85% improvement. Overall costs for repairs will decline because the new pump will continue to run beyond 12 months. In comparison, the previous pump only ran for approximately two months before shutting down. As an additional advantage, environment cleaning, labor expenses and energy usage will decrease.

All-Flo approaches each situation with a fresh perspective. Each company calls for a unique solution, and All-Flo gladly approaches any challenge with a full assessment of the needs and a specific plan for enhancements. This cost-effective solution is just one of many examples of how All-Flo meets and exceeds clients' expectations. Contact All-Flo at (440) 220-5482 or talk to an associate online about what unique challenges you would like to overcome.

About al-flo company

ALL-FLO is committed to the pursuit of designing and manufacturing the highest quality product available to industry. Since the beginning in 1986, All-Flo engineers have used their extensive knowledge of today's engineered materials, advanced air system logic and manufacturing techniques to develop the superior group of lube-free, air-operated diaphragm pumps found in this catalog. Every pump is performance engineered and quality built to provide trouble-free service under the toughest conditions.

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