ALH SYSTEMS Obtains Ul94 V-0 Approval for Epoxy Resin System

Epoxy resin specialist ALH SYSTEMS LIMITED has received Approval to UL94 V-0 for its NP1003 encapsulation and potting resin.

The low viscosity NP1003 resin system can be mixed and cured at ambient or elevated temperatures. The outstanding features of the NP1003 system are :

o High gloss finish and excellent adhesion

o Very good electrical strength

o High thermal conductivity (0.9 W/m/°K)

o Low exotherm and shrinkage on cure

o Long usable life and convenient overnight cure

o Low smoke, non-halogen flame retardants

o Non-toxic chemistry

It is likely that NP1003 will find many potting and encapsulation applications including coils, transformers, capacitors, chokes, solenoids, modules and circuitry.

Details of the full range of epoxy and polyurethane resins systems can be found on

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