Air-Saving Ejectors will not compromise cycle times.

Press Release Summary:

EKPP, EKP, and EMM Series integrate pressure regulation to reduce consumption of compressed air and energy without impacting cycle times. Equipped with automatic pressure regulation, they reduce compressed air usage by up to 50% per work piece, regardless of porosity. In addition, EMA and EKP-LSE Series can achieve savings of up to 97%, for airtight work pieces, via electronic air-saving function. All systems use 50.8 psi internally, reaching max vacuum level at feed pressure of 58 psi.

Original Press Release:

FIPA Presents: Ejectors with Air-Saving Function

Up to 97% Reduction of Compressed Air Consumption

CARY, North Carolina – High cycle rate, low energy costs: FIPA ejectors save energy without compromising cycle times. Thanks to the integrated pressure regulation of this new product, consumption of compressed air and energy can be significantly reduced. "Our new ejectors are another example of how FIPA meets current market needs thanks to a sophisticated solution design," said Rainer Mehrer, President and owner of FIPA.

When thinking about ways to reduce energy costs, electricity and heat immediately come to mind. The element of compressed air however, has considerable savings potential as well. FIPA’s EKPP, EKP, and EMM Series Ejectors can make a substantial impact here. Equipped with automatic pressure regulation, they reduce compressed air usage by up to 50% per work piece, regardless of its porosity. In addition, the EMA and EKP-LSE Series Ejectors can achieve savings of up to 97%, for airtight work pieces, thanks to the electronic air-saving function.

Ejector Details

Industrial compressed air systems typically operate at around 58 to 116 psi. All FIPA ejectors use 50.8 psi internally, reaching the maximum vacuum level at a feed pressure of 58 psi. To save energy, higher feed pressure is automatically reduced to 58 psi internally. Because of that the ejector never uses more than 50.8 psi regardless of the actual feed pressure. Although comparable solutions using multi-chamber ejectors reduce air consumption as well, they suffer from a system-induced higher evacuation time. In other words, it takes longer for the vacuum to build up – resulting in increased cycle times and decreased efficiencies.

Application Example

In an application that involves the handling of wooden panels, annual savings of around 23% can already be achieved at a feed pressure of 72.5 psi, using an EKP series ejector with a nozzle diameter of 1.5 mm. Operating data applied in this case: 20 cycles per minute, 2-shift operation with 14-hour usage, 220 workdays, air consumption of 64.5 liters per minute.

Save Even More Energy Using the Air-Saving Function

For air-tight products, such as sheet metal or wooden floorboards, the user can achieve additional savings using the EMA and EKP-LSE FIPA Ejectors equipped with an electronic airsaving function. Here, the integrated electronics are triggered as soon as the vacuum level reaches the set switching point for "part has been gripped". Until a certain threshold value is reached, there is no readjustment and thus no compressed air is consumed. Energy savings of up to about 97% can be achieved. Plus, the integrated design means the FIPA solution with its maximum weight of 8.8 oz, is up to 50% lighter than comparable products on the market.

FIPA Ejectors with Air-Saving Function at a Glance:

• Up to 97% energy savings for airtight products due to a combination of pressure regulation to a 50.8 psi operating pressure and an electronic air-saving function.

• Up to 50% savings even with porous products: Integrated pressure regulation reduces energy consumption even in products with higher leakage, such as cardboard.

• Fast cycle times: Short evacuation times equals short cycles times, regardless of the porosity of the work pieces.

• Up to 50% lighter than conventional solutions: Thanks to their integrated and compact design, FIPA ejectors with air-saving function weigh in at maximum 8.8 oz.

• Noise-optimized, maintenance-free operation: Thanks to pressure regulation, the airflow at the outlet and hence the noise level is independent of the feed pressure. The open silencer operates without any blockages.

About FIPA

FIPA Inc. was founded in 2006 as a fully owned subsidiary of FIPA GmbH. FIPA GmbH is an international company in the fields of vacuum technology and gripper systems, specializing in the development and distribution of quality products and innovative system solutions for material flow. Founded in 1985, FIPA GmbH’s headquarters is in Ismaning (Munich), Germany. The company has registered continuous growth over the years. For comprehensive information and the latest news, please visit

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