Aeration Compressor self regulates airflow in wastewater.

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Featuring frequency converter and magnetic bearings, HST Integral(TM) High-Speed Turbocompressor automatically senses and compensates for surge conditions and maintains steady aeration flow in wastewater operations. It has non-contacting rotating parts, so there is no need for oil lubrication or fluid cooling systems. Automated PLC monitor handles multiple compressors, variable process changes, speeds, and power off and on functions without operator input.

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Fully Automated, Maintenance-Free Aeration Compressor Self Regulates Air Flow In Wastewater Operations To Consistently Meet Best Efficiency Level Performance

Meriden, CT: Reliability in aeration of wastewater is automatic as the HST Integral(TM) aeration compressor available from ABS Pumps automatically self regulates to operate at best efficiency.

Designed to maintain reliability and efficiency within 1 to 2% of the best efficiency point, the high speed turbocompressor (HST) with frequency converter and magnetic bearings has been engineered to work within the most demanding and variable wastewater and industrial process applications.

Unlike traditional compressors which have a pre-set surge limit that initiates a preliminary shut down during a surge; the HST automatically senses and compensates for the surge condition and maintains a steady aeration flow.

The maintenance-free HST compressor features non-contacting rotating parts, no inlet guide veins and no outlet diffusers. "With no wear parts, the efficiency performance achieved on Day One is constant throughout the life of the compressor," notes Jerry Shumaker, ABS Product Manager. "Without contacting parts, there is no need for oil lubrication or fluid cooling systems. And with no expense, training, or stocking of spare parts required, and no need for preventative maintenance or its associated costs for complete tear-down, cleaning and rebuilding of the compressor, the HST eliminates often substantial standard maintenance and down-time costs that typically occur in traditional compressors at 18,000 hour cycles." A convenient filter cartridge provides easy replacement and a longer lifetime.

The HST design provides oil-free air to an aeration system that helps prevent plugging the diffusers and will not reduce or otherwise affect the oxygen transfer rates. Without oil and filter changes or seals to maintain, repair, or replace there is no maintenance required.

The compact, lighter weight, vibration-free HST compressor is skid delivered and simply bolted onto a standard concrete pad and hooked up to power and plant control leads. A fully automated PLC monitor handles multiple compressors, variable process changes, speeds and power off and on functions without operator input. Dissolved oxygen level sensors in the aeration tank send a signal to the PLC which constantly adjusts air flow to provide maximum efficiency.

To guard against power interruptions to the magnetic bearings, the motor is designed to switch into generator mode in order to maintain power. A convenient door panel permits access to adjust monitoring values and operating parameters. On-site or remote access is offered via analog or digital signals. A PLC and Magnetic Bearing Controller (MBC) provides alarms and ensures that data is available via user interface or a modem connection.

The HST compressor is fully compatible and easily installed as a new addition or as a replacement in existing plants or in new plants.

Contact Jerry Shumaker; ABS Pumps Inc., 140 Pond View Drive; Meriden, CT 06450-7156; (203) 238-2700;

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