Advanced Commercial Boiler Control .... Putting Your System in Tune

The Concert™ Boiler Control includes features and functions designed to save energy, optimize long-term efficiency, and integrate seamlessly with all Energy Management Systems (EMS).  Built on a proven control platform, these features are Unique, Specifiable, and unavailable from other suppliers.

Unique Specifiable Features

• Complete EMS Interface - Read and write firing rate demand setpoint; if loss of EMS, defaults to local control

• A.I.D. (Advanced Input Determination) - Firing rate and water temperature based algorithms for multiple boilers

• USB Data Sharing Port  - Input, update, download settings and historical data

• Factory Default Settings - Restore control parameters back to factory settings

• Real Time BTU/Hr Display

• Time/Date Stamp - Store 3,000 hard soft lockouts and faults (sensor, EMS signal, sequencer and limit string)

• Four (4) Month History - Collect and store supply & return temperature, flame intensity and firing rate

• Two (2) Boiler Start/Stop Trigger – Support large domestic hot water demands

USB Data Sharing Port

• Simplifies Commissioning – Upload/download settings from one boiler to the next

• Aids Troubleshooting - Allows settings and fault history to be shared with factory for consultation

• Enhances Performance Analysis - Historical operation trends can be saved in .CRV formatted files

Intuitive Icon Navigation

• Single Menu - Quick setup menu makes programming a breeze

• Troubleshooting Guide - Pinpointing & fixing faults has never been easier

• Advanced data archives - Powerful historical data & graph analysis

• Comprehensive Operations – Review, adjust & manage for best efficiency

• Always EMS Capability - Interface via Modbus , 4-20mA or 0-10v

• Menu Icons Made Easy – Get to where you going seamlessly

Self-Guiding Diagnostics

• Industry-Leading Fault Identification and Correction

• Accessible - HELP Icon always visible, always available

• Factory Reset - Default to “as shipped” settings for fresh start

• Vast Historical Info - Archived alarms & working history helps in resolution

Unmatched Archives Data

• Largest Data Library - 3,000 alarms & events stored, even after power cycle

• Ultimate Resource – Aids commissioning, optimization & troubleshooting

• Extensive Operational Trending - 4 months of historical operational data

• Graphical Displays Boosts Evaluation - Makes it easier to analyze & adjust

Optional System Enhancements

• Vari-Speed Pump - Provides 0-10vdc variable speed pump output for energy savings

• Motorized Isolation Valves – Maintain energy-efficient flow requirements for variable flow systems

• 0-10vdc Input - Converts 0-10vdc signal from EMS to 4-20mAdc for our control

• Wireless Outdoor Sensor - Saves installation time

• BACnet, LonWorks & ModBus – Communication gateway translates effectively to various EMS protocols

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