Advanced Coatings Provide Gear Cutting Edge

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BALINITE ® ALCRONA PRO, the second generation of ALCr-based coatings, is now available on new and re-sharpened tools from Star SU. Developed by Oerlikon Balzers, ALCRONA PRO can be used in a wider range of applications than other aluminum-based coatings because it provides better heat resistance for high temperatures and better wear resistance for tough cutting applications.

Lower thermal conductivity allows ALCRONA PRO-coated tools to work well in low temperature applications and allows faster hobbing speeds - 200 m/min is the new base speed.

The cost savings are hard to beat:

o 30% lower tool costs = 1% production costs savings

o 50% longer tool life = 15% production costs savings

o 20% faster cutting parameters = 15% production cost savings

o 100% dry cutting = 10% to 16% production cost savings

Visit to download a free whitepaper packed with application examples and real life comparisons with other types of coatings.

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