Adtech's Line of Hot Melt Adhesives Offers the "Beverage" Manufacturer Outstanding Products to Meet all of their Packaging Applications

Adtech 601/Hot Pac is our fast setting, all purpose packaging adhesive and
Adtech 661/Cool Pac is our low dispense temperature packaging product.

Do you have wax or other type of coated containers? Adtech 612 is designed specifically to close wax coated containers.

Adtech 510 and Adtech 511 are the latest in Metallocene adhesive technology and provide trouble free use due to their excellent pot stability.

All of these adhesives were designed specifically to meet the needs of the packaging industry and provide the following key benefits:

  • Cost effective- economical to use

  • High strength

  • Fast setting

  • Extended pot stability

  • Non-toxic

    Do you have a demanding packaging adhesive application? Send your substrates to us and one of our chemists would be glad to evaluate them and make a recommendation. Adtech has over twenty-five years experience in the manufacture of hot melt adhesives for industries worldwide and we are confident we have one that's right for you.

    Are you interested in gaining the Adtech Advantage?

    Please contact a Customer Service Specialist @ 800-458-3486 for additional information or product samples. Complete Adtech product information can also be found online @ .

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