Adhesives bond rubber to metal.

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MEGUM(TM) 3110, 4100, and 5382 are suited for manufacture of specialized transportation and industrial products requiring minimized lead and heavy metals contamination. While MEGUM 3110 is offered as pre-diluted primer, MEGUM 4100 comes as cover-one, brominated polymer, solvent-based adhesive with anti-mold fouling properties. MEGUM 5382 cover-two, solvent-based adhesive is formulated without reportable levels of lead/heavy metals, chlorinated solvents, or ozone-depleting chemicals.

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New MEGUM(TM) Adhesive Brings Cost Saving 'Mettle' Bonding Rubber to Metal

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 12 -- Rohm and Haas (NYSE:ROH) today announced the availability of three new adhesives for manufacturers of specialized transportation and industrial products requiring high bonding performance, yet desiring reduced lead and heavy metals contamination. MEGUM(TM) 3110, 4100 and 5382, newest among the Rohm and Haas family of adhesives for bonding rubber to metal, are being unveiled at Rubber EXPO October 16-18 in Cleveland.

MEGUM 3110 is offered as a pre-diluted primer while MEGUM 4100 is a "cover-one" high performance, brominated polymer, solvent-based adhesive, and MEGUM 5382 is a "cover-two," solvent-based adhesive formulated without reportable levels of lead or other heavy metals, chlorinated solvents or other ozone depleting chemicals.

"The applied cost and cost-per-square-foot for MEGUM products will be much lower than for other adhesives for bonding rubber to metal," explains Rohm and Haas senior account executive Don Branek. "This should be a welcome relief for the industry since users can reinvest back in their business without sacrificing performance."

With customer margins continually eroding and manufacturers reluctant to raise prices for many component parts used in automobiles, commercial trucks and aircraft, reductions in raw material and reduced manufacturing cost becomes a significant competitive advantage. Rohm and Haas is confident their MEGUM 5382 cover-two adhesive, for example, will offer a very significant savings over their competitor's adhesive counterparts (more than enough to justify a change). In addition to cost benefits, MEGUM 4100 cover-one adhesive significantly increases the performance equation with superior anti-mold fouling properties, leading to fewer mold clean-outs resulting in lower operating costs. MEGUM adhesive bonding applications include industrial linings, hydraulic hose, military components, brake shoes, and automotive vibration control components.

Don't miss the Rohm and Haas experts' two white papers being delivered on October 16th. at the Rubber Expo:

"Simplistic Test Method Used to Establish Fundamental Relationships between

Metal Pre-treatment Morphology and their Ability to Withstand Swage"

By: Thad Plasczynski and Dr. David Kistner

"Potential Solution to the Age Old Challenge of Processing Clear Adhesives"

By: Roger Cassell

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