Actuator suits conveyor-stop applications.

Press Release Summary:

Model EFL Aluminum-Extruded Body Air Cylinder features hard coat, anodized, PTFE-impregnated cylinder body. Heavy-duty mounting flange features pilot that contains high-performance iron bearing. Impact load resistance is measured at up to 65 lb at impact velocities of 8 ips. EFL is available with 32 mm bore and offers stroke lengths of 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm. Actuator is available in double-acting or fail-safe, spring-extend mode.

Original Press Release:

New Bimba Stopper, Aluminum-Extruded Body Air Cylinder

September 28, 2001, Monee, Illinois Bimba Manufacturing Company's specials Engineering Group has developed a rugged, space-efficient actuator for conveyor-stop applications. The base
cylinder is our standard EFI cylinder, which features a hard coat, anodized, PTFE-impregnated cylinder body and space-efficient overall length and envelope size.

The rod end of the stopper cylinder has been modified with a
heavy-duty mounting flange, anchored with four high-strength bolts. The flange features a pilot, containing a high performance
iron bearing. The cylinder's oversized piston rod diameter maximizes effective bearing area for impact resistance. These features combine to give the stopper cylinder impact load resistance of up to 65 pounds (at an impact velocity of 8inches/second).

The Bimba conveyor-stop cylinder is ideal for any light-duty stopping application. Model EFL is available in a 32mm bore, and is available in standard stroke lengths of 10, 15, 20, and 25mm. The actuator is available in double acting or failsafe, spring-extend mode.


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