Acrylic Bonding Primer is formulated for galvanized metal surfaces.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for galvanized steel and other non-ferrous metals, water-based Galoseal WB creates tenacious bond, which optimizes topcoat adhesion to galvanized metal surfaces. Low VOC formula accepts 2-component solvent-containing finishes such as epoxies and urethanes. Product contains no heavy metals or mineral acids and provides dry film thickness of 0.5-1.0 mils.

Original Press Release:

New Bonding Primer for Galvanizing...Galoseal WB

Galoseal WB is a unique and innovative water-based acrylic adhesion promoter for galvanized steel, and other non-ferrous metals. It creates a tenacious bond which enhances topcoat adhesion to galvanized metal surfaces. Topcoating of galvanized steel (particularly new galvanizing) is problematic, stemming from surface treatments such as oils, chromates, and other solutions. Galvanizing that has not been properly cleaned, treated, and even abrasive blasted can cause delamination of coatings in time, particularly under freeze-thaw cycling. Thicker coatings (above 3-4 mils), such as high build epoxies, can further aggravate the problem.

Years ago, the polyvinyl-butyral wash primers were often used to "etch" the galvanizing (through the use of a mineral acid) and thus created, for the most part, a suitable surface on which to overcoat. The onset of VOC regulations has all but eliminated their use. Recent technological advances which are used in Galoseal WB result in significant increases in the adhesion of topcoats. Galoseal WB creates an incredible bond between the metal surface and the topcoat. It has many attributes.

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