Access Point Enclosures offer secure mounting solutions.

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Suitable for use with many Cisco and Aruba Networks models, Wireless Access Point Installation Kits include Model 1042 for old construction, Model 1043 for new construction, and Model 1044 for suspended ceilings. Cutout is made in hard lid ceiling or suspended ceiling tile, and back-box is secured to ceiling (1042), ceiling joists (1043), or building structure (1044). Access points are attached to WAP-specific trim, and trim is attached to galvanized steel back-box in ceiling.

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Economical Wireless Access Point Enclosures Combine Simplicity and Security

Network installers want easy-to-install, economical mounting solutions and need deployments to be secure and industry-compliant.  Oberon helps installers fulfill these needs with a new secure, convenient, and aesthetic mounting solution.

State College, PA — Whether network installations involve hundreds of access points in high-traffic areas or just one in an office setting, network designers and technicians will benefit from the new, economical, and easy-to-install Oberon Wireless Access Point Installation Kits.  Kits are suitable for use with a variety of vendors’ access points, including many popular Cisco and Aruba Networks models.

Oberon Models 1042 (Old Construction), 1043 (New Construction), and Model 1044 (Suspended Ceilings) are three variations on one theme: provide a method of installing wireless access points that makes the process as easy to implement as recessed lighting.  A cutout is made in the hard lid ceiling or suspended ceiling tile, and the back-box is secured to the ceiling (1042), ceiling joists (1043), or building structure (1044). 

Wireless access points are attached to WAP-specific trim, and the trim is attached to the galvanized steel back-box in the ceiling. The solid metallic back-box and firestop grommet for the data cable ensures code compliance.

Through this simple method, the wireless access point is recessed into the ceiling much like a recessed light fixture. Access point trim can be easily swapped for new trim if the WAP brand or model changes in the future.

Oberon, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of secure wireless and zone enclosures, is a member of the Cisco Solutions Partner Program and is Aruba Networks Certified.  For more information regarding Oberon's mounting solutions for Cisco products, please call 1-877-867-2312 or visit


Since 1999, Oberon, Inc. has been providing products and services to integrators and end users of wireless LAN "Wi-Fi" network products. Oberon’s wireless enclosures and antenna products are used where the RF coverage, infrastructure security, environmental robustness, and aesthetics are paramount in the network design and implementation. Oberon offers ceiling-mounted telecommunications enclosures for Ethernet switches, patch panels, wireless controllers, and other networking and A/V components - ideal for structured cabling, Fiber-to-the-Enclosure (FTTE), and PON deployments.

Oberon’s products and services have helped thousands of integrators and end-users in the global healthcare, government, transportation and logistics, education, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing achieve reliable indoor network connection mobility.

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