AC Power Sources available in single and three phase.

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ASX series switch-mode power sources use high-frequency pulse-width modulation for power conversions, producing outputs of 1500 VA to 6000 VA. They are available with manual controllers that adjust voltage and frequency from front panel. Programmable controllers can be used to simulate power conditions for equipment under test (EUT), capture and characterize output of those simulations, and provide users with detailed performance analysis.

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Single- and Three-Phase AC Power Sources

New Technology Increases Instrument Reliability and Reduces Operating Costs

Irvine, California, February 2002: Pacific Power Source is pleased to announce the ASX series of switch-mode topology AC Power Sources, part of our new Smartsource(TM) line of instruments. Power conversion within the ASX series is achieved using high-frequency pulse-width modulation, with key user benefits are cool, quiet, efficient performance and reduced operating costs.

All ASX series power sources are available with either manual or programmable controllers.

Manual controllers enable users to adjust voltage and frequency from the front panel of the instrument. Typical applications include R&D labs and test environments where only basic frequency conversion is required.

Programmable controllers allow users to incorporate any of the ASX Series instruments into fully integrated test systems and are ideally suited for automated and semi-automated production environments as well as specialized R&D test lab applications. The programmable controllers can be used to simulate a variety of power conditions for equipment under test (EUT), capture and characterize output of those simulations, and provide users with a detailed performance analysis. Programming and monitoring can be achieved using the instrument's front panel or an optional RS-232 or GPIB interface.

Programmable controller features include:
- Arbitrary Waveform Generator - 16 Waveform Library
- Precision Voltage Programming - 0.05% with CSC engaged
- Precision True-RMS metering of volts, amps, and power for displays and reporting
- 1 Phase/ 3 Phase Switch Selectable output from front panel or bus command
- LabVIEW for Windows(TM) and LabWindows Instrument Drivers

Output capacity for the ASX series range from 1500VA to 6000VA. Output voltages are available up to 600 volts and cover a frequency band of 15 to 1200 Hz. The ASX series is also able to provide single, split-phase and three-phase outputs. In addition, the company offers a wide variety of options and custom configurations to fit the most demanding applications.

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