7-Inch Color Display Module Provides Wide-Screen Panel at Low Price Point

New Reach Technology product exploits the 7-inch LCD popularized by DVD players to create a ready-to-deploy module complete with controller board, LCD, and touch screen

Fremont, CA -- Reach Technology Inc. (www.reachtech.com), today announced a new 7-inch display module that gives customers access to the wide WVGA screen size that offers extended control area. The module uses a 7-inch LED backlight TFT panel suitable for industrial, long-life applications.

Reach Technology's 7-inch module comes complete with an SLCD5 controller board, LCD, backlight driver, and touch screen. Reach's display module technology and simple-to-use programming tools make GUI interface and integration easy. This helps customers reduce time-to-market and development costs. The company is currently shipping these units in small quantities and will have full production by the beginning of May.

The 7-inch LCD is an ideal size for a broad range of control surfaces. The wide screen ratio creates an ideal user interface space and gives customers looking for a screen larger than 5.7-inches a good value. Even though the 7-inch module is nearly as wide as the 8.4-inch module, it costs 40% less.

"We created the 7-inch module when one of our medical customers needed a screen bigger than the 5.7-inch, but at a lower price point than the 8.4-inch," said Jonathan More, President for Reach Technology. "This 7-inch display module gives our customers good bang for the buck."

Module specifications
The display resolution is 800x480 pixels (WVGA) with a luminance of 280cd/m2, contrast ratio of 400:1, and uniform viewing angle of 130 degrees. A high bright 400cd/m2 option is available. The module has a steel mounting bracket with convenient mounting holes that makes the display easy to mount. Power requirement is 5VDC, and two serial interfaces are supplied. Get the panel specification and download a product datasheet at www.reachtech.com/products/display_modules/. For pricing and availability, contact sales by calling (510) 770-1417.

About Reach Technology
Reach Technology Inc. helps manufacturers who must add color touch control surfaces to their products. This shortens time to market and reduces risk and development costs. Reach Technology also insulates users from changes in LCD availability, technology and format. Serving customers since 1988. Find out more at www.reachtech.com.

Sarah Harrington, Director Marketing
Reach Technology

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