3 Musketeers of SMT Assembly' Revealed at Manncorp's Website

A series of three new pick and place systems, said to cover virtually every application in mid-range surface mount assembly, is being showcased at the newly updated manncorp.com.

The machines, dubbed "The Three Musketeers of SMT assembly" by Manncorp's CEO Henry Mann, offer head-mounted cameras and advanced Cognex® processing for non-contact on-the-fly vision placement of 0201 chips to 16 x 14mm SMDs and fine-pitch QFPs. There is also a bottom vision camera for larger components to 38 x 38mm. Placement accuracy of ± .002" (± .05mm) is ensured by linear-encoded X-Y drive mechanisms. The systems have the availability of Advanced Time Pressure (ATP) Digital Dispensing for application of solder paste and adhesives at dot sizes down to 6 mil (.015mm) diameter. Each is driven by a Windows®-based operating system and MC-300 Series control software. They feature off-line programming, plus remote service capability and CAD download.

Where each machine differs is in method of component delivery, size of placement area and throughput. The MC-384 ("The Athos"), for example, with a starting price of $48,500, has a single-head and a placement area of 14.5" x 13.4" for a capacity of 128 smart tape feeders. Its throughput is 4,000 cph. The MC-391 ("The Porthos"), starting at less than $70,000, includes a three-stage conveyor. With dual heads, its speed is 5,500 cph on a large 14.75" x 23.4" placement area that can accommodate 160 tape feeders. Completing the trio is another conveyorized dual-head machine, MC-387 ("The Aramis"), starting at approximately $73,000. With a massive 39.4" x 12" work area, it can contain 224 smart tape feeders. Placement speed is also 5,500 cph. For details, access manncorp.com or sales@manncorp.com.

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