16" Turret Rewind with Auto Cut & Transfer for Reinforced Thermoplastic Material

Independent Machine Co. of Fairfield, NJ has developed a 2-Position Turret Rewind
with Auto Cut & Transfer to rewind a roll of maximum 16" wide material directly from a pultrusion process to a maximum 24" diameter on a 3" & 6" ID cores and make a cut
& transfer to an empty core for continuous operation. The turret rewind operates at
maximum speed to 75 FPM while maintaining programmable taper tension.

Each position will wind to the predetermined diameter or length and is controlled by
individual AC Vector follower drives following the main speed reference of the process. Winding tension is controlled by diameter measurement and a closed loop tension feedback system. A dancer accumulator is pneumatically loaded by an adjustable
differential cylinder to desired tension. Dancer position monitors actual web tension and provides a trim signal to adjust winding speed and maintain the programmed tension requirements.

As programmed footage nears completion the turret automatically indexes to the
"waiting" position that has been prepared with a preglued empty core secured on the
airshaft As the empty core indexes into the "active" wind position thedancer/accumulator provides sufficient storage for the zero speed cut and transfer. The pneumatic cross cut knife fires and severs the web which is held in place by the pneumatic lay-on roll to complete the auto transfer and begin a new winding sequence. Operator controls are accessed through a Touchscreen.


Robin Ulanski

TEL: 973-882-0060 (ext. 202)


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