'New Wave' Pack Makes an Impression

Thanks to its longstanding experience in the pre-printing of polypropylene sheet prior to thermoforming, RPC Bebo Plastik has created a distinctive new margarine tub with a curved lid for the launch of the new Lätta Light margarine, which to date has been introduced in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Lätta & Luftig is an airy whipped margarine. Similar to the rest of the Lätta portfolio, this margarine is a half fat variety and therefore lighter than standard margarine. Manufacturer Unilever required an eye-catching new look for the pack to create maximum on-shelf impact and emphasise the lightness and airy-whipped character of the product.

The wavy lid design represented a challenge for the printing as the height of the rim varies from around 3mm up to 12mm. As a result distortion of the design during printing had to be carefully controlled to ensure a clear and sharp image on the final pack.

RPC's technical teams used their longstanding experience in pre-printing to achieve the desired effect while maintaining fast and efficient production speeds.
The tub and lid are printed in six colours. Both feature the traditional and popular multi-coloured Lätta logo with a distinctive silvery background for the tub and a contrasting pure translucent background for the lid.

"RPC Bebo has successfully supported us in creating a very eye-catching structural pack which helps our innovation to achieve great success in the market," comments Claudia Schneider, Lätta Brand Manager.

"Both the long and successful partnership with RPC Bebo and this latest pack design underline the company's technical skills that have enabled us to maximise awareness of the new Lätta & Luftig."

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