ZC&R Coatings for Optics and Abrisa Industrial Glass Partner to Produce Display Glass Solutions

February 20, 2008 - Torrance, CA - ZC&R Coatings for Optics, Inc. and Abrisa Industrial Glass, Inc. join to produce display glass, LCD glass plates, overlay and bus bar printing production solutions for a wide variety of glass substrates. Precision coated indium tin oxide (ITO) and index-matched ITO (IMITO) transparent thin films from ZC&R offer high transmittance and low resistance. Installed in a Class 100 clean room, Abrisa's enhanced Ekra X4 fully-automated printing system delivers sophisticated production printing on glass materials for a variety of industrial and military-grade applications.

High efficiency, anti-reflection coatings (both standard and custom products) are ideal for accurate display glass printing. ZC&R and Abrisa's new display glass coating capabilities include precision patterning of durable epoxy-based bus bars and thermoset or ceramic-based inks with 15 micron print-to-print accuracy in sizes up to 460 mm x 460 mm.

For rugged environments, such as cockpit displays, bonding of connecting wires and flex cable bonding can be provided. Other glass coating solutions include chemical and thermal glass strengthening and the capability to both deposit and/or print bus bars. Precision coatings, intricate and patterned ink frames and OEM art work can be custom printed on glass, per each customer's specifications.

ZC&R and Abrisa deliver high quality and offer high-volume capabilities for accurate and cost-effective print-to-packaging efficiency, meeting high cleanliness standards in a Class 1000 clean room for precise printing production on glass displays.

ZC&R Coatings for Optics (www.zcrcoatings.com) provides high quality precision coatings and components from 200 nm to 20 microns, from UV to the far IR, including high power laser coatings at 1.064, 1.54, 1.57, and 10.6 microns. Other coatings available are anti-reflection (AR), beam splitters, hot and cold mirrors, band pass color filters, heat and color control, ITO and index-matched ITO, metals coatings, dielectrics, covert and fluorescence filters. Specializing in prototypes and OEM volume, ZC&R is a leader in quality optical thin films.

For more information, please visit: www.zcrcoatings.com.

Abrisa Industrial Glass (www.abrisa.com), based in Santa Paula, CA, is an industry leader in providing OEM fabricated glass components and coatings for technology, optical, industrial and lighting applications worldwide. Abrisa's customized glass fabrication includes glass strengthening and coatings, precision machining, cutting and edging services, screen printing, and clean room specialty packaging. Recently, Abrisa acquired a new manufacturing facility in Sycamore, Illinois for fabricating advanced technology, military, display and optical products, and specializing in smaller, custom projects. Also acquired in 2007, ZC&R Coatings for Optics in Torrance, CA offers innovative and reliable precision optical coatings as part of the Abrisa family of products.

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