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Computer Aided Solutions Announces a New Paint Oven Temperature Monitoring Data Logger System

All stainless steel "phase-change" heat sink - doubles the performance of the thermal barrier

o 3 types of new temperature probes - fast response, rugged and versatile

CLEVELAND, OHIO January 15, 2008 - Computer Aided Solutions, a leading distributor of data logging equipment is please to announce that Grant Instruments, a world renowned manufacturer and supplier of data acquisition, scientific, and life sciences products has introduced a new version of its very successful Paint Oven Temperature Monitoring Kit.

The system is designed to measure and record the temperatures inside a paint curing oven during production. The temperatures of both the oven's air and the painted parts are recorded. This allows the user to accurately adjust the oven's temperature and conveyor or track speed to give the optimum cure cycle for the work piece - as prescribed by the coatings manufacturer. Once this is set, the oven monitoring kit can be used as a routine quality monitoring device ensuring repeatability is achieved from batch to batch.

Both over and under curing can result in a significant reduction in the coatings' performance. This may include substrate adhesion problems, impaired visual appearance, mismatches (color and/or gloss) and premature chalking or fading. Furthermore, this system can help improve efficiency and reduce energy costs by optimizing oven temperature profiles.

Grant Instruments has been manufacturing the renowned Squirrel line of paint oven temperature monitoring system for over 30 years. The latest version includes several major technical updates that are designed to extend the system's capabilities and functionality.

First, the system's thermal protection has been improved through the implementation of a special heat-sink, which incorporates a phase-change material. The data logger fits inside this heat sink, which then fits inside the thermal barrier. This stainless steel heat sink doubles the system's thermal capacity, resulting in the standard barrier now offering thermal protection to the data logger of 100 minutes at 250 oC. This means that the system can be used more often during the working day, with less cooling inbetween production runs. This is particularly important in high throughput applications often found in industries such as in the automotive coatings sector.

Second, the selection of temperature probes has been extended to include specific air and surface temperature measurement probes. These new probes feature a high quality, heavy duty cable designed to be flexible while still being very durable. They are also smaller than the probes they replace, so they can be used on smaller work pieces, provide faster thermal response times, and give more accurate overall results.

Added to the user-friendly data logger that is supplied as part of the system, the new paint oven monitoring kit gives users a better performance and immediately printed reports without the need for a computer and high accuracy readings. Pricing for the kit starts at $2895.

For further information contact Computer Aided Solutions at (440) 729-2570, toll free
(800) 956-4437, on the web at www.computeraidedsolutions.com or by email at sales@computeraidedsolutions.com

About Computer Aided Solutions and Grant Instruments

Computer Aided Solutions is a leading distributor of data logging systems with representation throughout the US and Canada. With more than 10 different product lines, CAS serves a number of different industries with high quality products, services and support.

Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Limited (www.grant.co.uk) is a world-renowned supplier of scientific, life sciences and data acquisition products. They have been designing and manufacturing measurement and control systems for the past 50 years with a worldwide reputation for high quality, reliable and robust systems designed to satisfy the most demanding data collection requirements across many industries. Headquartered at Shepreth on the outskirts of Cambridge, England, the company has an extensive network of dealers and distributors servicing Europe, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific region.

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