Wastecorp Continues Record Fast Diaphragm Pump Product Development

The Mud Sucker® brand is leading the pump industry in innovation and model selection

NEW YORK - Wastecorp Pumps, the industry leading manufacturer of mechanical Mud Sucker diaphragm pumps is excited to introduce new triplex and quadruplex diaphragm pumps for pumping effluent and wastewater. The new Mud Sucker 3 and 4 series save on spare parts costs by utilizing advanced diaphragm pump materials of construction along with the proven advantages of mechanical diaphragm technology. Mud Sucker (http://www.wastecorp.com) triplex and quadruplex pumps are capable of transferring solids laden wastewater from 50-310 GPM.

"Municipalities are facing extended budget difficulties when it comes to their wastewater treatment pump upgrade programs," said Daniel Starr Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Wastecorp Pumps USA. "Our engineers responded to government need for high performance pumps without costly spare parts requirements."

He added, "Government is not the only benefactor of Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps; we serve the wastewater handling needs of small businesses and Multinational corporations ranging from food processing to mining applications."

Mud Sucker 3 Triplex Diaphragm Pumps

Mud Sucker Triplex diaphragm pumps (http://www.wastecorp.com/mudsucker/triplex-pumps.html) feature three diaphragms for transferring wastewater, food processing waste, raw effluent and much more with fluid handling capabilities ranging from 55-310 GPM. Pump users can select from 2"-4" connection sizes. Mud Sucker triplex diaphragm pumps are available with our flapper valve design (slurries and wastewater) or our high performance, solids crushing ball valve model. Pumps are available with electric, explosion proof, gas, diesel, air operated or hydraulic drive systems. Variable frequency drives and gauges are also available as optional equipment.

Mud Sucker 4 Quadruplex Diaphragm Pumps

For the ultimate in mechanical diaphragm pump technology, the flagship Mud Sucker 4 quadruplex diaphragm pump features four diaphragms for pumping the tough stuff. www.wastecorp.com/mudsucker/quadruplex-diaphragm.html

These pumps are equipped with Santoprene® diaphragms for oil and chemical transfer or select corrosive fluid pumping. Select from over six drive systems and transfer up to 310 GPM.

See a Mud Sucker

Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps are on display from November 1-4 at the global food equipment and technology show - Process Expo in Chicago. Process Expo showcases food processing equipment across all food sectors including bakery and snack, beverage, confectionary, dairy, fruit and vegetable, meat, poultry and seafood. Visit Wastecorp's exhibit at booth 2643.

About Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps

Mud Sucker diaphragm pumps are designed and manufactured by Wastecorp Pumps in the United States and Canada. Mud Sucker pumps utilize mechanical diaphragm pump technology to provide heavy duty pumping power for municipal and industrial applications including wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, food processing, waste oil, bilge, construction, mining, pulp and paper, marine pump applications and more. Mud Suckers are available in over 150 single, double diaphragm, triplex and quadruplex models with capacities ranging from 20-310 US GPM. Mud Sucker pumps are available in air operated, hydraulic, engine and single or three phase electric models. For more information on Wastecorp Mud Sucker diaphragm pumps visit www.wastecorp.com/diaphragm_pumps.html

About Wastecorp Pumps

Wastecorp Pumps manufactures heavy duty pumps and replacement parts for municipal, industrial, residential and commercial water and wastewater treatment applications. Wastecorp's brands include Wastecorp Plunger Pumps, Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps, Trash Flow Centrifugal Pumps and Turbo Flow High Volume Pumps. The Turbo Flow pump line includes vertical sewage, horizontal split case, booster pumps and more. Wastecorp's pump products are available worldwide. View our products online at www.wastecorp.com or contact us toll-free at 1.888.829.2783.

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