Vueguard® 901 PCI Labs Most Versatile Coating Treatments

Vueguard® 901 is a top selling hardcoat. This coating provides excellent scratch and abrasion resistance with exceptional chemical resistance.

Vueguard® 901 WC

A water, crystal clear (WC) hardcoating, offering optimum resolution. This treatment is used when glare is not a problem and high chemical & wear abrasion properties are sought after. 

Vueguard® 901 AG

An anti-glare (AG) coating that is used where glare reduction is required while retaining high resolution for optoelectronic displays, gauges, instruments, control panels and other applications. This treatment provides various gloss level finishes from >85 gloss to <5 gloss units, designed to reduce unwanted glare and coherent reflection, thereby increasing readability.

Vueguard® 901 ANR

This treatment is used for the prevention of Newton ring "rainbow" occurrence (ANR), when two pieces of plastic make contact, such as in computer, tablets, touch screens or LED's.This treatment eliminates annoying interference, while offering good physical and chemical properties.

Vueguard® 901 HD

Is designed for high light diffusion (HD) without reducing light transmission, in such applications as overhead light panels, backlit instrument panels and computer keyboards.

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