Vista System International Now Has Link to CSI 3-Part Format Specs On Its Website to Aid Architects and Designers

Vista System International, a fast growing Israel based pioneer and world leader in sign systems and components, just introduced detailed CSI 3-Part Format Specs on its projected wall bracket mounted frames, directory frames, table stands, double sided pylons, suspended frames, triangular pylons, and Vista light system. They make it easier for architects and designers in the specification of these systems and can be retrieved in seconds by clicking the CSI 3-Part Format Specs link located on the lower right of its homepage.

The new CSI link takes you to the Vista System ARCAT profile which contains descriptive info on Vista's MCFT (modular curved frame technology). It also includes descriptive information and photos on its product groups as well as links to their CSI specs.

According to a Vista System spokesperson, "Architects and designers are loyal to Vista System because its MCFT allows them to let their imagination go wild in the specification of eye-catching signage that would take far greater effort and cost to design using other systems, if it could be done at all. MCFT is modular which enables the assembly of standardized units in different ways using both standard and custom accessories and attachments by even a novice. It is curved, combining the enhanced functionality of a curved shape with the beauty of Euro design in a collection of profiles that keep inserted materials firmly in place. MCFT is a frame system that can be used with many types of sign substrates and inserts, thus allowing for the easy and inexpensive updating of signs. It gives designers the freedom to create new unique products supported by the quick fabrication capabilities of custom accessories and attachments that mesh with the system's extrusions. Now it will be easier than ever to specify, design, and produce signage that will be the envy of the competition"

Also visit, or contact Sales Department at Vista System Inc., 4545 Mariotti Court, Unit C, Sarasota, FL 34233 USA. Phone: 800-468-4782 (941-927-3312 Internationally). Fax: 888-316-5198 (941-927-3308 Internationally).


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