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Slider Signs offer way-finding solution.

Feb 26, 2016

With slider element embedded into existing aluminum wall sign, Slider Signs allow interchangeable graphics on top, while bottom slider provides necessary Occupied/Free function. Aluminum sign frames are vandal proof, easily maintained, and required no special tools for mounting on walls, doors, and various other materials. Office buildings, educational institutions, and medical facilities can... Read More

Health, Medical, & Dental Supplies and Equipment, Labels Tags Signage & Equipment

Healthcare/Hospital Signs create adaptable way-finding systems.

Jul 22, 2015

Envisioned as sign solutions for specific business segments, Vista Lines give project managers, architects, designers, and decision makers tool when adapting way-finding system for specific project requirements. Specific solutions include Healthcare Line, Management Line, Gym Line, Library Line, Railway Line, and Hotel Line. Design readily accommodates updates, and various models with... Read More

Optics & Photonics, Robotics, Vision Systems

HD External Pan/Tilt Dome IP Camera has integrated WiFi.

Dec 19, 2013

Suited for evidential recording with full HD 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, ONVIF-compliant VK2-1080MD37PTW offers integrated WiFi and can also be hard wired to IP network and powered using PoE. Compatibility with VK2 WiFi NVRs negates need for cabling between camera and recorder, and micro SD card can be used for local edge recording. Triple streaming technology allows one stream for recording at... Read More

Optics & Photonics, Robotics, Vision Systems

HD Internal IP Dome Camera helps reduce set up times.

Dec 03, 2013

Allowing remote set up/control of lens zoom and focus setting from any PC or mobile device, PoE-enabled VK2-1080VFD3V9F offers discreet surveillance and triple streaming of full HD 1080p video. Each of 3 independent video streams can be individually configured to optimize performance of live, recorded, and remote viewing. Also included, Boost Feature enables camera to automatically increase... Read More

Material Handling & Storage

Brochure Holder attaches to flat or curved surfaces.

May 06, 2013

Available in A4, A5, and 1/3 A4 sizes, elegant brochure holder can be attached to any flat or curved surface to create visually attractive display. Extraction of material from bottom of holder enables flexibility required to bend and curve according to curvature of surface. Likewise, reduction of material and extraction from face of brochure holder allows space to include insert that... Read More

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Wall Sign Framing offers accessories for custom designs.

Feb 25, 2013

Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) includes accessories for creation of custom-designed wall signs that can fit any project. Designs possible with these accessories include wall frame featuring decoratively cut aluminum inserts that protrude out of frame to create unique designs, as well as decorative back plaque made of various materials that attaches to sign frame to create wall... Read More

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Extra Large Signs come in various sizes and styles.

Oct 01, 2012

Offering indoor and outdoor signs ranging from 0.7–1.4 m wide and up to 4 m tall, Vista Expand series has modern design with minimal curve. Three types of products are supported: Pylons XL signs, landscape and portrait XL wall signs, and landscape and portrait XL Post Panel signs. With design that facilitates installation as well as updates, these products can accept diverse range of insert... Read More

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Corner Signs feature modular design.

May 16, 2012

Flat Corner Signs, intended for interior and exterior building corner applications, come in standard sizes up to 1,000 mm wide and long and custom sizes are also available. Modular signs utilize attached floating profile that lets sign frames float a few inches from the wall. Smart Insert technology allows application of most any materials up to 3.2 mm thickness since inner channels are graded in... Read More

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Suspended Signs have flat, modular design.

May 01, 2012

Suitable for interior and exterior information as well as advertising applications, Flat Suspended Signs include products that range up to 1,000 mm wide and long. Design incorporates hanging elements and signs are available in custom sizes. With graded inner channels, flat frames accept various materials of different thicknesses to 3.2 mm utilizing Smart Insert technology. System components are... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Electronic Components & Devices, Vision Systems

LED Illumination Kit suits signage applications.

Feb 14, 2012

Offering low-voltage alternative to illuminating Vista Light products, LED illumination kit consists of adhesive LED band and power supply. Plug-and-play kit afixes to sign structure along aluminum profiles and end caps, and only adaptation required by end-user is that of plug adaptor when default electricity plug does not match local outlets. Read More

Health, Medical, & Dental Supplies and Equipment, Labels Tags Signage & Equipment, Material Handling & Storage

Modifiable Signage Solutions suit healthcare institutions.

Jul 29, 2011

To cover all signage needs of any healthcare facility, Vista System Healthcare Line is comprised of directories, suspended signs, table stands, wall frames, and projecting signs as well as triangular, post, double-sided, and illuminated pylons. These wayfinding products accept array of substrates and inserts, from plastics, metals, and paper to laminates, veneers, and more, to facilitate in-house... Read More

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Double-Sided Sign is designed for optimal visibility.

Jun 17, 2011

Available in sizes up to 2.5 m high and 1.2 m wide, double sided flag sign is used for displaying information on road sides and has arrow shape design that promotes visibility for passing traffic. Product is based on Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) and consists of 3 Vista Light extrusions, top and bottom aluminum end caps, 2 polycarbonate inserts used as background for graphic inserts, and... Read More

Mounting & Attaching Products

Wall Bracket Connector mounts signs on right angled spots.

Nov 11, 2010

Composed of bent colored tin bar, soldered to screwing bar that is concealed inside decorative aluminum pipe, connector is mounted to corner using 4 screws and supports Projecting Wall Bracket line of products. Mounted sign can be of any length, using more connectors as required, and up to 700 mm in width. Read More

Green & Clean, Labels Tags Signage & Equipment

Information Sign is environmentally friendly.

Mar 02, 2009

Environmentally friendly information sign is constructed in a way that allows breaking it down for shipping and minimum packing volume, thereby reducing shipping related energy use and cost. Suitable for POP, malls, libraries, and show rooms, sign consists of metal stand that is assembled from 2 parts, holds Vista frame designed for A4 or letter size inserts, and can be assembled with screwdriver. Read More

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Double-Sided Suspended Signs feature modular design.

Dec 19, 2008

Double-sided suspended signs are assembled from 2 identical aluminum extrusions - top and bottom, with plastic or aluminum end caps on both sides. When inserted in top extrusion, plastic clips can be used for connecting hanging cables. Signs can be used with standard substrates such as vinyl, paper, and digital printing, while modularity allows for connecting numerous sections stacked one below... Read More

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Sign Display System offers protection against vandalism.

Nov 04, 2008

Designed to help prevent sign vandalism and abrasion, MCFT (Modular Curved Frame Technology) system is suited for interior way-finding products located within reach of crowds. Side channel on extrusions adds mechanism designed to grip and hold insert in place, preventing vandals from pulling sign out of its frame. Read More

Non-Industrial Products

Suggestion Box ensures security of its content.

Nov 02, 2007

Featuring Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), suggestion box is based on 2 VA4 or 2 Vletter extrusions joined together using specially designed aluminum end caps which allow access to integral lock securing contents. Using Vista based extrusions, users can also replace graphics. Suitable for raffles, business cards collection at trade shows, and POP survey collection, product includes door... Read More

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Sign System has post and panel design.

Aug 17, 2007

Post and Panel sign system is composed of 2 posts that support center sign frame via end cap. Oval-shaped, free-standing metal base is also available with formed metal supports. Both styles allow sign to be placed in any desired location without bolting it down, although permanent installation method is also available. Product is suited for directional or messaging purposes in areas such as... Read More

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Double Flag Post Sign displays messages or directions.

Jun 28, 2007

Created using 2 double-sided A4/Letter frames, post sign is suitable for directional or messaging purposes in locations such as lobbies, show rooms, and trade shows. Frames are held together using end caps that are connected to either side of post. While upper end cap is connected to post with screws and holds signs in place, bottom end cap is connected to frames and encircles post. Modular... Read More

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Wall Sign features No Smoking symbol.

May 18, 2007

Based on Modular Curved Frame Technology, No Smoking Wall Sign Frame conforms to requirements for placing No Smoking signage in public places. It features No Smoking symbol made of laser cut steel, and accepts most sign substrates including engraving, screen-printing, photopolymer, ADA, and digital printing. Read More

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