Updated Product Literature: Pem® Reelfast® Surface Mount Fasteners Profiled in Free Bulletin

A free eight-page product bulletin profiles the family of PEM® ReelFast® SMT surface mount fasteners designed for permanent installation on printed circuit boards. They mount in the same manner as other surface mount components prior to the solder reflow process.

"Bulletin SMT" provides specification data and installation procedures for each fastener type, including surface mount spacers, nuts, panel fasteners, and R'ANGLE® fasteners. All can reduce the risk of damage to boards (and resulting scrap) that may occur when improperly installing fasteners with off-line equipment; reduce handling of loose parts to deliver labor savings; and speed the production process by eliminating secondary operations.

ReelFast SMT spacers enable PC boards to be spaced or stacked; nuts can be used to mount boards or attach components; panel fasteners feature captive screws and allow for subsequent access to assemblies; and R'ANGLE types create permanent right-angle attachment points. Their tape-and-reel packaging conforms with industry standards and preferences for traditional surface mount components.

The R'ANGLE versions install in boards as thin as .040"/1mm and other types in boards as thin as .060"/1.53. All these fasteners are RoHS compliant.

"Bulletin SMT" is available in a PEM three-ring binder catalog or can be downloaded free in PDF format at www.pemnet.com/comp_lit_files

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