Uniquely Designed Variations of PEM® Self-Clinching Threaded Nuts, Studs, and Standoffs Allow for Close-to-Edge Placement Where Space for Fasteners is Limited

Uniquely designed variations of PEM® self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs from PennEngineering® allow for close-to-edge placement in thin metal assemblies without compromising host sheet or fastener.  Their engineering effectively reduces the standard minimum distance for "hole-centerline-to-edge" required for successful clinching to provide ideal solutions where space for fasteners is limited.  Upon installation, the strong, durable, and reusable metal fastener threads readily accept mating hardware to complete the attachment process and will withstand repeated disassembly and reattachment of components without impacting fastener or thread integrity, reliability, and performance.

These clinch fasteners ultimately lock into place, become permanent parts of an assembly, and will not rotate, loosen, fall out, or otherwise cause problems in service.

PEM Type SMPS™ self-clinching threaded nuts are made from 300 Series stainless steel for high corrosion resistance and will install permanently in ultra-thin steel or aluminum sheets (.025" / 0.64mm or greater).  Their small diameter (.220" / 5.6mm) and low height (0.065" /1.4mm) provide an overall low-profile fastener solution and the center of the installed fastener can be as close as .145" / 3.7mm from the edge of a host sheet.  Thread sizes range from #2-56 through #6-32 and M2.5 through M3.5.

PEM Type FHL™ (steel) and Type FHLS™ (stainless steel) self-clinching threaded studs featuring low-displacement heads will mount up to 50% closer to the edge of an aluminum or steel sheet (compared with standard types) without causing a sheet’s edge to bulge.  Host sheets can be as thin as .040" / 1mm.  Thread sizes range from #2-56 through #10-32 and M2.5 through M5.

PEM Type DSOS™ self-clinching threaded stainless steel standoffs (optional steel versions available) serve to space or stack components in an assembly.  They will install flush into steel or aluminum sheets as thin as .037" / 0.94 mm and can be as close as .126" / 3.2 mm to a host sheet’s edge.  These fasteners are available in two lengths with thread sizes #4-40 and M3.

In addition to these self-clinching solutions, PEM flare-mounted fasteners can also satisfy close-to-edge requirements, depending on the application.

Detailed specifications, fastener drawings, models, and literature for these RoHS-compliant fasteners (Bulletin CL for nuts, Bulletin FH for studs, and Bulletin SO for standoffs) can be accessed at www.pemnet.com

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