Twenty Years of Technological Development Position Remtec as Leader in Metallized Ceramic Substrates and Packages

Norwood, MA - Remtec Inc., the leading manufacturer of metallized ceramic substrates and packages with Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF®) technology, is celebrating its twentieth year as a company specializing in manufacturing a variety of ceramic packaging products for both commercial and military electronics. Acknowledging this anniversary, Remtec President Nahum Rapoport commented: "Over these years, we have focused on design, development and manufacture of reliable, cost effective products providing a multitude of ceramic packaging solutions that meet the changing and demanding needs in DC power electronics, RF / microwave packaging and optoelectronics."

The first of Remtec's technological breakthroughs came shortly after it's founding in 1990 in developing its core manufacturing technology, PCTF®, based on combining Plated Copper and Thick films, and a patent for this technology and manufacturing process was issued in 1994. Since then PCTF® technology has become the foundation for Remtec's business and has undergone continuous development and advancement.

Initially, PCTF® was developed for high circuit density and high power in DC electronics. In 1997, development of unique metal filled via holes and wraparounds allowed Remtec to also enter the high frequency RF market, offering leadless ceramic SMT substrates and packages for direct PCB mount with improved thermal and electrical performance. In 1998, in order to meet high reliability requirements, Remtec developed a line of highly integrated hermetic SMT ceramic packages, both leadless and leaded, incorporating passive components and multilayers for military, aerospace and industrial applications.

With broadening product lines and fast sales growth, Remtec recognized the need for higher volume production and integrated manufacturing. In 1999 Remtec moved to a new manufacturing site, acquired a plating company and installed a fully automatic, cassette-to-cassette screen printing line. As a result, today Remtec is a fully integrated design and manufacturing company with state- of -the -art equipment operating in a 30,000 sq. ft modern facility.

The emphasis on new process and product development has continued in this decade. Improved etched conductor capability combined with thermal vias and integrated copper heat sinks allowed Remtec to penetrate the high power packaging market up to mm wave frequencies.

In 2007 Remtec entered the laser submount market introducing its new high performance submounts with Zero Pullback(TM) metallization of 50 micron thick copper for high power laser diodes. In 2009, Remtec added a new capability: an innovative, low cost gold tin finish for high power laser diode submounts. Remtec now offers this industry a reliable single source for submounts based on PCTF® technology with Zero Pullback copper metallization and an economical gold tin finish on BeO and AlN.

Remtec, a ROHS compliant and ISO 9001:2000 registered company, operates two manufacturing facilities totaling 30,000 sq. ft. in Norwood, MA. Remtec provides custom and semi-custom packaging solutions with PCTF® metallization on Alumina, BeO, AlN, Barium Titanate and Quartz for DC power electronics, optoelectronics and MW/RF components and modules.

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