Touch Screen Controls On All NovaWheel(TM) Dryers, Even The Smallest - At No Additional Charge

NOVATEC, Inc. introduced touch screen controls on their full NovaWheel(TM) Dryer series at NPE 2012. This includes even their smallest wheel dryers with throughputs of 25-150 lb./hr. Models up to 500 lb./hr. include a 5.7" monochrome touch screen control while models with 600 lb./hr. through 5,000 lb./hr. throughputs include a 5.7" color touch panel. All of the NovaWheel Portable Dry/Convey models also include color touch screens. These dry/convey models range in throughput capacity from 25 through 150 lb./hr.

Mark Haynie, Product Manager, Dryers for NOVATEC says, "This is important because other brands of wheel dryers typically include a microprocessor control that depends on confusing codes, function buttons and manual look-ups. Our touch screen control shows messages in easy-to-read text so every step of the drying process is perfectly clear and NOVATEC is supplying the touch screen control at no additional charge. Additionally, we are now in the process of transitioning from the 5.7" color touch panels to a high resolution 7" color touch panel with a 16:9 ratio. These Siemens touch panels are wider and easier to read than other touch screens."

NOVATEC reports that they are already starting to ship some models with the high resolution 7" touch screens and the transition should be complete by the Fall of 2012.
Some dryer models will be equipped with even larger versions of the high resolution 16:9 touch screens. For instance, the NovaWheel PowerGuard(TM) and the IntelliPET(TM) dryers are being converted to a 9" high resolution touch panel control. Haynie adds that, "Not only are these high resolution screens easier to read and the icons sharper, the HMI's have more memory capacity so we can pack even more features into the controls."

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